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Tasmania Fire Service and Fire Extinguisher Services

Posted by FCF on 11 June 2019
Tasmania Fire Service and Fire Extinguisher Services


Legislation in Tasmania requires building owners and occupants to have their fire protection equipment regularly serviced, tested, maintained and repaired by a holder of permit issued by the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service. It is a violation for a person to service any fire protection equipment including installation, maintenance, or rectification without TAS fire permits.

 Tasmania Fire Service

Fire protection equipment include fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, hydrant valves, fire blankets, and fire protection systems as per the General Fire Regulations. Among the fire protection systems are the fire and smoke detection and alarm systems, automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing systems, smoke management systems and emergency warning and intercommunication systems.

 To guarantee that the fire protection equipment installed in a property is compliant and acceptable to the codes, it must be installed and serviced by a competent person or company with a duly accepted national standards permit. TAS fire protection servicing companies should acquire this permit to be able to do their services.

 Keeping your fire protection equipment in working order is important in maintaining a safe working environment or home. These equipment may fail if they are not appropriately tested and maintained.

 Fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers are to be serviced regularly to ensure optimum function when needed. Part of the fire extinguisher services is having them inspected, tested and maintained. It is important to note that a fire extinguisher that is out of date is as good as none.

 Fire extinguisher maintenance is specifically important due to the routine inspection that is needed. Without the correct maintenance for the fire extinguisher, it will inevitably fail to do its work and that is to put off fire before it goes out of control. Tragic loss of property and lives may be avoided with a simple test and servicing. Intervals for the fire extinguisher testing and maintenance refer to its instruction tag. They should be at all times fully charged. Also, pressure tests are performed and the units are to be recharged at least once every six years to guarantee that it is at its best working condition.

 However, extinguishers that are exposed to harsh environments should have more frequent servicing cycle. These harsh environments include high vibrations from machinery, sun or UV light exposure, dusty and dirty conditions, and extreme moisture and heat. Defective units must be removed and replaced immediately with a functioning unit.

 Working with an expert can help you stay compliant and keep your property safe from potential fire risks and hazards. Contact FCF today for more information. We offer our services throughout Australia.

 For prospective investors, we are open to discuss with you our fire protection services franchise as well as the Tasmania electrical franchise.

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