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Sydney Fire Servicing and Maintenance: What Home and Business Owners Should Know

Posted on 28 October 2019

Since fire protection systems are not used every day, it's crucial to have them frequently serviced and maintained so you can ensure they are ready to be used at a second's notice. Whether it's your fire alarm system or fire sprinkler, scheduling a  fire system maintenance and servicing is the best way to know your building or home are safe should an emergency strikes.

Fire system servicing should adhere to fire code regulation procedures. By scheduling regular fire servicing and maintenance of your fire protection systems, you can have all systems inspected at the same time. This is more efficient and easier to manage with one fire protection company rather than scheduling multiple servicing and maintenance for different systems. It can also save your home or business time in scheduling and hosting as well as provide brief, cohesive documentation and reports that help you know your fire protection systems are in good working order and up to code.

If you are discouraged by the cost of servicing and maintenance for fire safety equipment. Well, if you don't have them serviced, why bother having them? While the odds may be slim that a fire extinguisher will malfunction, it could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or worse, a life. With that in mind, here is our guide to the most common fire safety equipment and the importance of fire safety equipment servicing and maintenance.

Automatic Fire Protection (Fire Suppression Systems and Sprinkler System)


Fire Safety Building Blocks

By not servicing your suppression systems renders them utterly useless, as you will never know whether they are likely to work or not. You need to have complete confidence in your systems and this is something which requires professional attention from a fire safety practitioner. Having a sprinkler system serviced and maintained will highlight any issues and any parts which will need replacing. With fire servicing and maintenance, you can be assured that it will work when it is needed most rather than letting you down.

Fire Alarms

Even though many systems will have a control panel to let you know when there has been an irregularity, you might not be aware of a circuit that has been lost or the system may not spot the irregularity itself. A professional will be able to test the system fully to detect any hidden defect which may have developed, particularly crucial if you have a building or home filled with alarm points to take care of.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are usually sitting around for years before use, Not knowing someone has already tampered with it leaving them prone to rusting and weakening. Not knowing someone has already tampered with it, released the contents and turning it into a flop when you really need it for a fire emergency. Fire extinguishers should be serviced and maintained to guarantee they have been inspected by a certified fire safety practitioner. By servicing and maintaining all the fire extinguishers you can ensure the safety of your home or business in case a fire does break out.

Emergency Lighting

                         Emrgency  Exit Light Sign

Servicing and maintenance of emergency lighting ensure individuals can find the exit in case of a fire emergency, something that can save lives and avoid injuries.

Installing all the required fire safety equipment helps to protect both your home and business. But while having these fire safety equipment installed is a great start, looking after the safety of your home and business is an ongoing task which you shouldn't just be ignored. There is no point in investing in fire safety equipment if you're not going to have them serviced and maintained regularly to ensure they remain in good working order..

At FCF, we not only supply and install fire protection systems, but we also service and maintain them too. Whatever business you run, it is essential to make fire safety a top priority. To learn more about our servicing and maintenance options for all your fire protection systems,  pay us a visit and we'll be pleased to discuss your fire safety requirements.

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