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Sydney Fire Protection Products: Fire Extinguisher Safety Guidelines

Posted by FCF on 3 July 2019
Sydney Fire Protection Products: Fire Extinguisher Safety Guidelines


Fires generally start from a single spark turning into a catastrophic blaze. When not contained immediately, they could cause devastating property damage and tragic loss of lives. Time is crucial in the event of fire; it doubles its size every second it isn't given the proper action. This is where the fire extinguishers play an important role. Fire extinguishers help in controlling the early stages of fire before it develops. However, the user of a fire extinguisher must be knowledgeable in handling the equipment. Ignorance and mishandling of the equipment is dangerous to the user and other occupants. Here are important things to know about fire extinguishers and Sydney fire protection tips you should know.


Sydney Fire Protection Products

Get the right type of fire extinguisher

Different types of fire extinguishant is used for different fire classifications. For example, a foam fire extinguisher is best used for putting out fires caused by flammable solids and liquids, but it shouldn't be used for fires involving oil, grease and flammable gases.

The Fire Extinguisher must be accessible

Fire extinguishers are the frontliners of firefighting. As said earlier, they contain the fire in its early stage before it blows out of control. Therefore, it must be mounted where it is easy to see and within reach.

Ensure that the Fire Extinguisher is in Good Working Condition

For the safety and assurance of the building and its occupants, fire extinguishers are required to be regularly inspected by a qualified fire safety practitioner or Sydney Fire Protection Service company. Fire extinguishers are inspected for leaks and any damages on its shell, nozzle and hose, and pins and seal tampers are intact. Its expiration date and the date of last inspection (should not be more than a year) is also checked. The pressure gauge is also checked to ensure that it is fully charged. A fire extinguisher that has been used should be replaced or refilled no matter if only a small amount of extinguishant has been discharged. The pressure of the fire extinguisher affects its functionality, thus it must be fully charged for the next time it will be used.

Staff should be familiar on how to use the extinguisher

Although the fire extinguisher comes with an operation instruction, it is best that the user has undergone a fire extinguisher training. This will prevent mishandling of the equipment and panic. FCF offers fire extinguisher training for employees and business owners.

For more information about fire extinguishers and trainings, contact FCF today. We service a wide range of Sydney fire protection products. We supply, install, service, maintain, repair and replace all types of fire protection equipment. FCF values your safety.

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