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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Fire Testing

Posted on 3 June 2019
Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Fire Testing

Verifying that fire protection products and equipment installed in an establishment meets the acceptable criteria set by the building code or the Australian Standards can be done by the means of fire testing. A certificate or report is then issued to vouch that the fire protection system has gone through testing. Fire testing should take regards of all applicable provisions of the product certification. It is important that tests are conducted to guarantee the ease of use and efficiency of the product. Each product has its own method and safety measures for testing.

 Fire testing

Understanding the facts and importance of fire system testing will give a better perspective in identifying whether the products and materials are in need of tests. Fire testing equipment is necessary to avoid future problems which may result in property damage and/or fatal injuries. Here are some facts about fire testing:


  • Fire Testing is prescribed by Australian Standards

Australian Standards sets rules and regulations for fire testing. Although, there are additional regional and local codes that may affect this. Enclosed with the standards and codes are the frequency of the tests for all products and equipment as well as the methods that must be taken by the inspector to guarantee that they will function appropriately when needed. All buildings must be compliant with the rules and regulations to avoid penalties such as fines and building occupancy denial as well as the costly consequences of fire. It is best to hire a fire testing company to assist in complying with the Australian Standards and ensure that the building is fire protected.


  • Fire Testing saves lives

Testing identifies and fix problems of fire protection system, it guarantees that the equipment will work properly when needed. If a fire alarm has been tested and certified that it is at its optimum function, all its components will undoubtedly work to detect fire, sound the alarm, and alert the occupants and fire department. Thus, occupants are saved from being trapped in the fire for lack of awareness. Similarly, it is unlikely to lose lives if the building is fully sprinklered - that is if the sprinklers are functional


  • Fire Testing cuts down property damage.

In the event of fire, buildings and assets are at great risk. Without a functioning fire protection system or the lack of testing and inspection, a simple negligence such as damaged wiring could cost you your entire property and assets. It is highly recommended that fire testings are done regularly to ensure that they function properly to reduce the chances of property damage.


A fire extinguisher testing and inspection secures proper placement and ensures the tanks are fully charged for maximum efficiency when needed to put off fire before it becomes out of hand.


  • Fire Testings ensure that the Building will Pass Fire Inspections

Local fire departments conduct inspections to evaluate and reduce potential fire hazards in a building and ensure that it is compliant. These inspections differ in type and frequency; it may also be unscheduled. This suggests that it is best to be prepared at all times by complying with the advised cleaning and testing schedules. Local fire departments may charge penalties for noncompliance.


If you are unsure if you fire safety system needs a test, visit FCF today. We have been fire testing for years; our expertise with fire safety ensures that you're property is protected.


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