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Importance of Teaching Real Estate Agents How to Use Fire Extinguishers

Posted on 29 April 2019
Importance of Teaching Real Estate Agents How to Use Fire Extinguishers


Statistics show that 50% of people who operate a fire extinguisher either do it incorrectly or in a dangerous way. This poses threat to you and your real estate agents in many ways possible, which calls for some useful guidance.

There are no technological advancements in foreseeing a fire at the workplace or anywhere for that matter. However, there are numerous well-established ways to extinguish fire when it occurs as per the fire extinguisher standards in Australia. Basically, the best start to preparing yourself is learning how to use portable fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguishers


Here are reasons why knowing how to function a fire extinguisher is a skill best learned now:

Basic Fire Facts

A safe workplace does not compose of only the safety equipment, but the people possessing the skill and knowledge of operating them. Learning always starts with the basics so it is best to take the first step by learning about the causes of fire and differentiating them. By getting to know these basics, it is easier to move on to the next step, which is knowing how to use the fire extinguisher.

Ideally, employees are trained to identify the workplace hazards and what type of fire is likely to occur. For instance, the high voltage area of the building where all main wiring connections are located has the ability to cause fire through electrically charged energy. This becomes an electric-caused fire, wherein a carbon dioxide based extinguisher is needed. By increasing awareness about these hazards and fire safety facts, dealing with fires can be more manageable.

Fire Extinguisher Training


There is a high degree of need for training in the workplace, hence, the basis for the program:

  • Identifying the risks in the workplace
  • Locations of the fire extinguishers
  • Operating the fire extinguishers
  • When to abandon fire

Part of the notable facts for real estate agents includes the fire extinguisher locations in the building. It is essential to identify how many available extinguishers are installed in the workplace and where they are placed for easy access in the event of fire.

Training for fire safety includes the right response after a fire breaks out from accessing fire safety equipment to extinguishing fire. Also, the significance of fire extinguisher training helps one determine a situation whether to fight a fire or escape it. A life-threatening situation is highly influenced by the ability of the real estate agent to rate the level of danger in order to make quick decisions. This should be a regular exercise done during fire drills, where evacuation and other necessary procedures are commonly practiced.

Australian Standards

Installations of portable fire extinguishers fall under the Australian fire safety standards building codes with a required regular inspection every six months by a certified fire technician. In line with this is the right for staff members to undergo regular fire extinguisher training in preparation for emergencies.

The measured benefits of having real estate agents undergo fire extinguisher training can be as immense as saving lives. It simply starts with the basic steps of learning about fire safety.


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