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How to Conduct Real Estate Fire Training

Posted by FCF on 24 April 2019

The safety of your real estate agency does not only rely on security cameras or guards. In the event of a fire, all staff members are responsible for each other's safety. Real Estate Fire Training helps put everyone's safety in check. It starts with the awareness that training is a necessary prerequisite to surviving a fire.

Why Do Real Estate Employees Need Evacuation & Equipment Training?

Whether you like it or not, the possibility of fire in a workplace exists. Accidents and unforeseen events may lead to fire, which makes it a risk to even think about where the fire will start or how dangerous it is. The best you can do now is to prepare for any situation. The Real Estate Fire Training program will increase staff awareness on fire response such as using fire extinguishers and evacuation. There are certain occurrences that require quick decision making significantly learned in fire safety training. Therefore, employees should be taught how to respond to fire in the most efficient way by fire training professionals.

What Comprises a Fire Safety Training Program?

Fire Training

Introduction of safety equipment and their locations

The primary responsibility of employers or safety officers is to make the employees familiarise the necessary safety equipment and systems present in the premises. It is also important for them to identify the locations of fire extinguishers and exit routes. The preparation ideally includes an evacuation diagram, which presents clear instructions for escape routes.

First steps in discovering fire

Responding to fire requires a great deal of judgment. Once an employee discovers fire, the first thing to do will significantly affect the succeeding events. A single mistake can lead to an even bigger problem. If the fire is controllable, it is best to immediately put it off with the use of the nearest fire extinguisher. Since employees are not firefighters, Real Estate Fire Training will allow them to learn the most basic functions of a portable fire extinguisher. It will certainly be useful for fire emergencies. In this case, they are taught the simple PASS acronym:

On the other hand, if the fire is hard to control upon discovery, the employee should immediately call for help. Phone 000 and/or alert the manager that is responsible for initiating the evacuation. With the necessary first response and fire warden knowledge, the evacuation process will likely end up successful.

Last resort when a fire is hard to escape

One of the hardest parts of being involved in a fire is the unfortunate event of hardly escaping it. Employees should be aware of the best actions to take in such situations such as calling for help and informing their location. Using any means of communication such as Smartphones can help inform employees of an escape problem, which will allow the firefighters to establish a quick plan for saving the victims. Aside from this, fire wardens should be aware of the building occupants and keep track of their safety even with minimum sources of communication.

Author: FCF

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