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Fire Safety on Construction Sites

Posted by FCF on 29 April 2019
Fire Safety on Construction Sites

Fire safety is nothing to slack on, especially Fire Safety on Construction Sites. The risk of injury and even death from a construction site fire is very serious and nothing should get in the way of providing an adequately safe working environment for each and every employee. With the abundance of flammables on a construction site, the risk of a fire is high.

This is why it's so important to make sure the proper safety guidelines are followed and that proper safety equipment is available.


construction fire safety

Construction Site Fire Hazards

1. Smoking
Smoking is a serious hazard for any job site. There are too many flammable materials and gasses around for someone to be carelessly flicking a cigarette butt around. Unfortunately, many smokers are rather careless when it comes to disposing of a butt. Throwing a smouldering cigarette in the wrong area could result in flammable gasses being ignited or certain materials catching flame.

2. Wiring
Unsafe wiring could ignite fumes or gasses from a nearby source. Faulty or unsafe wiring could throw off sparks or even arch through the air if the voltage is high enough. If loose material blows onto the wiring it could ignite and start a much larger fire. Our electrical testing service aims to prevent electrical fires from occurring.

3. Gas, Chemicals, and Fuel
With so much heavy equipment on the site, it's possible that fuel is being stored unsafely. Gas cans left in the open could be crushed or damaged, allowing fuel to leak out. Fumes and liquid fuel are dangerous in the best of circumstances. On a job site with plenty of sources of ignition, it's a nightmare to have fuel simply lying about.

4. Packaging
Most construction materials come with some sort of packaging. Paper and other small materials are very flammable. If a piece of paper from a product happens to find its way to an open flame it could only be a matter of minutes before the whole construction site is in danger.

Types of Fire Safety Equipment

There are plenty of tools and equipment that can be used to prevent fires and deal with fires once they happen. Basic equipment such as fire extinguishers is common. There are several different kinds of extinguishers available and most of them have a specific function.

  • Water extinguishers are ideal for rubbish fires.
  • Electronic fires are dealt with using a carbon dioxide type.
  • Foam extinguishers are used to fires with flammable liquids.
  • Powder extinguishers are used for a variety of materials and fire types.
  • If there aren't enough extinguishers available or the appropriate type isn't available the foreman or safety specialist should be contacted.

When it comes to fire safety on building sites having the right equipment on hand makes a big difference. If there's equipment that doesn't seem familiar employees should ask their supervisor for help. Being familiar with all the equipment on hand could mean the difference between dealing with an emergency quickly and serious harm to everyone in the area. Correct Fire safety equipment should be labeled and made available to everyone on the site.

Safety Training and Certifications

For those interested in offering services as a safety inspector or simply in making sure their workplace is as safe as possible job site safety certifications are available. Fire Safety Training courses for Construction fire safety can help employees keep their workplace safe and even earn some extra money. Additional certification is often the key to earning a promotion or getting a raise.

For more information on Fire Safety on Construction sites and Fire Safety Training contact FCF Fire and Electrical today

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