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Fire Protection System Implementation In Shopping Malls

Posted on 9 May 2019
Fire Protection System Implementation In Shopping Malls

A Network Of Systems

In order for a fire protection system to perform as intended, it's vital to realize that fire protection in any facility consists not of just a few sprinkler heads or smoke control systems, but of a network of engineered systems which should all function in synchrony to get the intended outcome. The fundamental purpose of implementing fire protection system is to ensure the safety of each individual in the shopping mall in the event of a fire.

Fire safety challenges in malls & shopping centres like any retail centre, face considerable public liability from various fire hazards. Fire hazards to be considered in shopping malls include electrical malfunctions and open flames, sparks and hot surfaces, commonly found in most restaurants. Large numbers of people, expensive property and large stocks of merchandise rely on fire protection system to keep them safe.

To guarantee a shopping mall is properly equipped to handle a fire situation and for a successful fire safety system is implemented within a shopping mall it's essential to develop a sound understanding of the key elements that provide the basis to develop and implement a successful fire protection system.

Majority of other engineered systems, however, installed fire protection systems can't be tested under real conditions to determine whether they "work."
Because of this, the specification, design, testing, and installation of fire protection systems have to closely adhere to accepted industry fire protection standards. Just like any engineering project, the shopping mall's management should get the best system available at a fair cost.


It's vital that all design parameters are accessible to fire protection contractors before a customer obtains bids for a new fire protection system. To choose the correct specifications for an installation, information about the building, evaluation of fire safety and its intended occupancy must be known.
Based on this information, the shopping mall's engineering representative should prepare detailed fire protection specifications. a representative should prepare detailed fire protection specifications. A safety margin of at least 10 psi or 10 percent should be specified. The insurance carrier's written agreement to the specifications can help prevent coverage problems once the design is already completed.

The Design

In general industry practice, the design drawings are prepared by the fire protection contractor. The owner's engineering representative must diligently examine the calculations and drawings for technical correctness and compliance with the specifications.
The Installation

Fire protection system installation shouldn't start until written approval has been received from all review agencies. Or else, major changes might end up after the system has already been installed and the additional costs passed on to the owner. This step requires verification that both the design and installation specifications of the fire protection system have been met.


Even though fire protection systems cannot be tested under actual operating conditions, several steps need to be completed before a system can be considered reliable and ready. This testing refers to the nondestructive tests that can be performed to assess the system's ability to meet the established performance criteria.

Fire protection systems are vital to the safety of customers, merchandises, and employees in the shopping mall. For practical advice and assistance on any of these points, do get in touch with FCF Fire & Electrical Canberra and we will be pleased to speak with  you through the finer points of fire safety in your shopping mall. We are experienced in designing and implementing fire protection systems for a wide variety of facilities, protecting what's important to you.

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