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FCF Mackay Fire Service Inspection Requirements

Posted on 19 June 2019
FCF Mackay Fire Service Inspection Requirements

Installation of fire protection equipment is required in commercial, industrial and public buildings to maintain the safety of people in the event of an emergency. The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) is the regulatory authority for FCF Mackay fire service installations. They are responsible for the electrical, gas and plumbing safety and technical regulations in South Australia. They conduct inspections to ensure fire service installations comply with Australian Standards. The local council as well appoints a building fire safety committee to ensure appropriate and sufficient fire safety in buildings. Their role involves developing appropriate building fire safety inspection policies, evaluating the sufficiency of fire safety provisions in buildings and issuing fire safety defect notices for building owners to upgrade the level of safety for the occupants. They both ensure that building owners comply with fire safety standards of Australia.

FCF Mackay Fire Service

When booking for an inspection, the building owner must provide the property name, address, contractor name and license number, onsite contact name and number and certificate of compliance number. After the fire service installation has been audited by the OTR, a copy of the fire service installation report must be sent within seven days after completion of work.

 FCF Mackay fire protection service companies offer annual fire safety statements for buildings prior to inspections. These companies ensure that the fire safety management plan of the building can pass the inspections of the local council as well as the OTR. Maintaining the fire protection equipment of the building is not an easy feat; it requires knowledge and technical skills. Thus, it is best to hire a trusted fire safety practitioner in maintaining and inspecting the condition of the building's fire safety equipment.

 For more information,contact FCF today. We service a wide range of fire protection equipment. FCF offers electrical and fire safety services at its FCF Mackay electrical franchise.

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