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Emergency Evacuation Plans Gold Coast

Posted on 26 April 2019
Emergency Evacuation Plans Gold Coast

Every workplace is susceptible to fire, although the level of risk does vary by environment. This is only one dangerous situation employees may find themselves in while at work, so every business needs to have an Emergency Evacuation Plan in place.

Fire does tend to be the highest risk, however, in terms of loss of life or injury to workers and damage to property, products, the environment, the community, and equipment. For this reason, every company needs a fire evacuation procedure, yet should also have plans in place for natural disasters, bomb threats, suspicious mail and more.

Drafting An Emergency Evacuation Plans Gold Coast

An effective Emergency Evacuation Procedure addresses numerous areas. First and foremost, companies need to ensure they have emergency and evacuation procedures established. The plan needs to outline how to contact emergency service organizations in a timely manner and how to obtain medical assistance and treatment.

Someone needs to be authorised to coordinate the response to the emergency and they must understand how to communicate with everybody in the workplace. Once this plan has been developed, it needs to be tested regularly, and the plan should outline how often this must take place. In addition, the plan needs to outline how to train and instruct workers in various tasks associated with the plan.

Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Plan Legal Requirements

Businesses must follow certain legal guidelines when establishing a plan of this type, as it is the duty of every employer to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees. This includes not only providing information and training, but also supervision and a system of work that is safe, and protective equipment when needed.

Furthermore, every employee must have the means to enter and leave the workplace in a safe manner, without the worry about risking their health. As a result, businesses must adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, the Compliance Code,

The Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations, The National Construction Code of Australia, WorkSafe Guidance Note and Hazardous Substances of the OHS Regulations and Code of Practice 1999.Business owners often worry that they will overlook one or more portions of an evacuation plan, leaving them at risk of fines, penalties and more. For this reason, companies now exist to offer assistance in creating a plan of this type, one that addresses numerous threats a business may face.

If you feel you are in need of expert assistance when creating an emergency evacuation plan for your company, call us today. We will be more than happy to assist you in developing a fire evacuation plan, one designed to address personal threats to one's safety or a comprehensive plan that covers these situations and numerous others. So if you need assistance with Fire Safety Compliance and Emergency Evacuation Plans, Contact FCF Fire & Electrical Today.

The Importance Of Gold Coast Evacuation Plans

Whether one is a business owner or a homeowner, drawing up an emergency evacuation plan is crucial for the safety of the occupants of a building. Without a plan, chaos can ensue when a fire breaks out in the building. Business owners are required to have an evacuation plan in place so they can meet the requirements of the law. It is important for business owners to make sure they are compliant so their business is deemed safe.

Laws require businesses to have the proper safety equipment in place so smoke can be detected and the occupants of a building can be warned so they can evacuate. They must also draw up careful Emergency Evacuation Plans and distribute them to their employees. These plans must also be placed in conspicuous places throughout the business so they can be followed in case of an emergency.

Business owners may also be required by law to develop an Emergency Control Organization (ECO). This trained group of individuals will be responsible for making sure the evacuation plan is implemented when a fire or other emergency erupts. The team works to make sure the business is kept in compliance and that all safety precautions are followed. With the team in place and compliant Gold Coast Evacuation Plans, businesses can rest assured their buildings are safe.

Emergency Evacuation Plan And Procedure

In the event of a fire, the main objective is to get everyone in the building to safety. It is crucial everyone remains as calm as possible and avoids panicking. As soon as the alarms are sounded, everyone needs to calmly walk towards the set evacuation route so they can be ushered safely away from the building. The occupants of the building must not stop to gather any of their belongings.

Site Evacuation Plan

Since the alarms are attached to a live monitoring system, there is no need for anyone to worry about contacting the authorities. The ECO team should escort individuals outside of the building and to a safe distance. The team will also need to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Business owners who are concerned about being compliant with Emergency Evacuation Plans for Business should contact us right away. We can help you become compliant so you can be sure your business and its occupants are safe.

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