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Benefits of Canberra Fire Safety Training

Posted on 21 June 2019


Fire protection equipment plays an important role in the fire safety of homes and businesses. But, is having a fire protection system enough to ensure the safety of all workers and occupants?


Canberra Fire Safety Training

Fire protection equipment installation is only a part of the broad scope of fire safety. A comprehensive fire safety management plan should also include an emergency evacuation plan, service and maintenance of fire protection equipment and fire safety training.

As they say, "Knowledge is power". Being informed can save lives. It is important that occupants and workers know how to react and properly respond when faced with an emergency such as fire. Fire safety training presents the knowledge needed to prevent fire from occurring and the appropriate response. It can make a huge difference between life and death when fire does arise.

Canberra fire safety training courses are offered by FCF Canberra . These courses involves various lessons related to fire including the characteristics and properties of fire and its causes. Trainees are taught about the fire risks and hazards and how to prevent these unwanted events from happening. Aside from being taught how to efficiently respond to emergency, trainees are also informed of the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses. The lack of knowledge in handling fire extinguishers can be very dangerous to the user.

These courses are not only applicable in the workplace but as well as at home. The knowledge and techniques that the training provides can be easily adapted anywhere. The basics of fire prevention and fire protection that are taught applies to both homes and workplaces. This is why not only the trainees' workplace benefits from this training but also their homes.

These courses are both offered in a traditional classroom setting and in online format. A classroom setting gives trainees the opportunity to interact with the instructor and fellow trainees who may have valuable knowledge and experience to add to the class. While online trainings allow trainees to take the course at their convenient time and place. You can simply choose the format that satisfies your needs.

For more information about fire safety training and Canberra rural fire safety, please do not hesitate to contact FCF. We also offer quality fire protection services.

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