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Be Sure to Follow Occupancy Building Limits

Posted on 28 May 2019
Be Sure to Follow Occupancy Building Limits

The safety of the building occupants and the protection of adjacent property are significant requirements of building regulations in the event of fire. As a building owner or manager, you are obligated to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building in case of fire or other emergency.

There are Building Limits that greatly affect the safety of the property and occupants. These limits should be strictly adhered to protect the occupants and the property, as well as prevent untoward incidents. These factors will guide the building owner or manager in planning the fire safety management of the establishment.


The Occupancy Building Limits for a building are based on the following occupancy safety factors:

  • The characteristics of a building, including

    • the number and location of exits in the building

    • the clear floor surface areas in the building

    • the flammability of the fixtures and fittings in the building

    • prescribed fire safety installations for the building

    • in case of emergency, does the occupants exit directly into an open area or another place of safety

  • The use of a building, including its classification under the Building Code of Australia

  • The number of persons who use, or are likely to use the building

  • The mobility and other characteristics of persons who use or are likely to use the building

  • The fire system of the building

The owner/manager must secure that the number of persons in the building at all times does not present an unreasonable risk to the safety of a person in the building. Thus, the owner/manager may refer to the occupancy safety factors for the building in judging whether or not the number of this pose an imminent risk to the safety of others. Furthermore, the number of persons in the building at any time must not exceed the maximum number that may be accommodated by the building in compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

This section highlights the risk of the building to the occupants  considering the preceding factors. This limit is defined by the number of occupants that can stay in the building at any time.

Contact us to have your building inspected and ensure a safer environment. When it comes to protecting your family, staff, customers and property from fire, FCF has the right advice, products and services.

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