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A Bigger Picture: FCF Innovating Advertising in Cinemas

Posted on 9 July 2019

In a multi-screen, multi-platform world where people are constantly being inundated with messages from brands, it's becoming ever more important to emotionally engage these audiences. People are consuming media more fluently but latest research findings prove you still can't beat the big screen for sheer impact and scale. An increasing number of individuals are paying a visit to the cinema each year.

Cinemas offer a unique role in the contemporary communication this is why FCF had stood up and recognise the strong, unique impact of cinema advertising. Cinemas work in a very different way to any other media. Ads watched in cinemas are processed by the brain more consciously, proving a much more emotional and powerful engaging medium, making it more effective at making us stand out from the crowd than television.

The cinema experience provides an immersive and captivating environment that, when connected to online, social and mobile. Thus, making the cinema great place for FCF to engage with all types of audiences. The sheer engagement and influence of watching an ad on the big screen means cinema is the medium of choice when it comes to strengthening us, increasing awareness, delivering key messages, and attracting new customers.

Cinema advertising is actually a great way to gain attention. We might be stating the obvious, but through this cinema advertising we are letting people know that FCF service & maintain Fire & Electrical Equipment such as Emergency Exit, Fire extinguishers, Fire Alarm Panels, Sprinklers and Fire escape signs for a range of clients locally and nationwide. 

We grow curious of the things that we see. As such, visual impact plays a vital role in cinema advertising. Therefore, we took advantage of visual impact in promoting FCF as the leading brand in providing the best emergency exit signs requirements.

We don't want to pretend, but cinema is the biggest thing on the planet. Therefore, Cinema advertising has become powerful in shaping the minds of consumers. This is FCF's chance to target that hard to reach, highly engaged audience that we would really want to reach.

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