Fire Extinguisher Testing in Shopping Centres

Protection from fire starts with ensuring the fire extinguishers are ready to go. Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense and a valuable means of escape during a fire emergency in your shopping centre. Testing of fire equipment is mandated by law thus, routine maintenance and testing are necessary. Regular fire extinguisher testing and maintenance are often viewed as just another business expense. In reality, it’s a necessity to comply with the law. It also ensures that the fire extinguisher will work when they are needed.

An experienced technician goes above and beyond ensuring building fire safety and that your fire safety equipment works. In many instances, this technician may be just contracted for fire extinguisher testing but the reality is, your shopping centre can get considerably more from the technician. Here are some unexpected benefits of fire extinguisher testing in shopping centres:

Ensures that fire extinguishers are situated correctly, with no signs of tampering

A reliable technician will ensure that all of your fire extinguishers are not only operating properly but positioned correctly as well. An effective technician that will perform your fire extinguisher testing doesn’t just ensure that the extinguishers work, the technician will even look at all factors to ensure that your property is adequately protected in the event of a fire.

Determine any needs in modification of equipment or processes

Fire extinguisher
Photo Credit: T’maire

While a fire extinguisher technician’s primary role in your shopping centre is to test and service any portable fire extinguishers in accordance with the law, some other elements will likely be evaluated during a fire safety inspection. While working around the shopping centre, other elements are considered such as to ensure that the equipment in place will fit the risk it is provided for, as things change inside the shopping centre. This may include relocating and fitting any equipment that has been moved around.

Also if departments are moved inside the shopping centre then the change in fire risk is often not even considered. Modifications in processes or new products being used, these are areas that need evaluation to consider whether, the fire risk level has changed, increased or even decreased. Check this site for types of fire extinguisher. 

Proper documentation will be provided

Building owners should have documentation that fire extinguishers are properly maintained by a licensed fire equipment dealer. Consequently, it’s imperative that your technician fills out comprehensive information on each fire extinguisher tag located within your shopping centre. It is a requirement that all fire extinguishers that are tested and serviced at your site are documented with a serial number, location, type, and service performed, and this documentation is required to be on site with the fire extinguisher.

Evaluate the design of escape routes

Fire extinguisher
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Because fire extinguisher technicians are knowledgeable in all necessary fire safety standards, while they are doing the routine maintenance and testing they will also notice any issues with escape routes and required warning signs at your property. The technician will advise you of any changes which are necessary to adhere to fire safety regulations regarding clearly-marked means of escape in the event of a fire.

Are you having second thoughts about whether your shopping centre is up to code and that all fire extinguishers are properly tested and maintained? If so, contact FCF National Brisbane North contact we can provide a range of Fire Protection Services including fire extinguisher servicing, installation and supply, emergency exit light installation and much more. We ensure your Brisbane shopping centre is 100% fire safety compliant.