Smoke Detectors and Smoke Alarms for Queensland Business

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Smoke detectors are an integral part of any fire protection system in a Queensland Business. As a result, they should be correctly installed and maintained on a regular basis. This not only ensures the fire safety of your business, it also ensures your business is compliant with the Australian Standards.

Smoke Detectors


Smoke Detectors are required by the Australian Standards to be installed in commercial premises. Australian Standards AS1851 state that every place of business has fire safety equipment on hand. Fire extinguishers, Smoke Detectors, and other fire protection equipment are recommended for commercial locations. Having this equipment on hand could mean the difference life and death in an emergency. This equipment is required to be in place for Australian Businesses. Organisations such as the FPAA or Fire Protection Association of Australia are the industry standard which all good Fire Protection Companies should be a part of.

There are a few common scenarios that commonly cause fires at home and in the workplace. Becoming familiar with these scenarios makes it easier to spot a potential fire hazard and correct the issue quickly. Using common sense and proper facilities anyone can prevent accidental fires. Here are a few examples of fire hazards and how to prevent them.

Fire Blankets Maintenance


FCF Fire and Electrical Worker ensures that fire blankets are correctly installed. Kitchen fires are common not only in homes but also in the workplace. Commercial kitchens are a hot bed for fire hazards. There are many pieces of equipment such as deep fryers that pose a substantial fire risk if on t used properly. Grease fires and electrical fires are most common in kitchens so a proper fire extinguisher must be made available wherever potential fire hazards are. Smoke Alarms are required by law along with a fire suppression system and an automated venting system above all cooking surfaces and fryer vats.

FCF Fire and Electrical Worker Ensuring that Fire Blankets are correctly installed.

Electric fires are more common in older homes but some commercial sites also have hazardous electrical wiring. Exposed wiring is very dangerous and should be repaired right away. Tucking wires is not only dangerous but reckless as well. If those wires make contact with flammable materials there is a very high chance of combustion. Because most wiring is inside the walls of homes an electrical fire could start without anyone even noticing. A Smoke Detection system can alert everyone in the family to the danger and aid in escaping the fire before anyone is hurt. Because evacuating a burning home can be dangerous it is recommended that escape ladders or stairs are installed outside all second-floor bedrooms.

Test and Tag


Electrical wiring and RCDs should be tested regularly to prevent a fire hazard. Improper storage of flammables can easily cause a fire in commercial properties. Employees that might not be aware of the fire hazard might place the items near a heat source, creating a fire-bomb in waiting. This inadvertent negligence is prevented by properly training employees and relating hazard sheets pertaining to any chemicals or hazardous materials on site. Proper storage policies and equipment can prevent fires caused by improper storage but a fire extinguisher should be kept on hand anyways.

test and tag south queensland

Fire safety should never be taken lightly, All homes and commercial settings should have Smoke Detectors in every room as well as fire extinguishers available at a moments notice. Keeping appropriate safety equipment on hand is required by the law. Employers and homeowners are required to keep certain safety equipment on hand in addition to following certain guidelines for fire safety. For more information about fire safety laws and how to assure compliance property owners should contact FCF Fire and Electrical Dalby today.