Why Your Real Estate Agency Fire Extinguisher

Why Your Real Estate Agency Needs a Fire Extinguisher

Statistics show that only 50% of building occupants are confident in using a Real Estate Agency Fire Extinguisher. This means that the other half either know so little or nothing about the fire extinguisher chart and functions at all. Quite alarming, right?

The moment a fire starts, your first thought should be saving the lives of the people in the area. One of the most important tools in achieving a successful fire safety response is the Real Estate Agency Fire Extinguisher. As a real estate agency, your assets make up the entire business you built, which includes the entire premises and the workers. In this case, one should understand the need for installing fire extinguishers:

Required by the Law

According to Australian Standard 2444- 2001, commercial premises or public meeting places are required to have fire extinguishers installed in the premises. This includes the real estate agency as governed by the National Construction Code of Australia 2012 and/or the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations applicable to your state.

First Line of Defense

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A Real Estate Agency Fire Extinguisher is solely responsible for a “first attack”. A real estate agency is not exempted from supplying these extinguishers as a specific duty of care against danger. While most fires start as a controllable flame, it becomes the first line of defense, thus, a significant part in the safety department.

First Aid

Medical related concerns are mostly consisting of the standard medication for minor injuries and illnesses. However, a lesser known first aid tool is the fire extinguisher because it functions just as important as the regular medical tools and possesses a similar level of emergency.

In fact, this firefighting equipment works significantly for the protection of the entire team of real estate agents. In line with supplying a fire extinguisher is the need for appropriate fire extinguisher training for all staff members to raise awareness and give each one the confidence in using one.

Fire Extinguisher Training

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Learning fire extinguisher application and identification goes a long way for the real estate agents. Who knows the exact event that a fire accident is going to happen? Nobody knows who is going to be confronted by it so the best way is to be prepared through training. The training shall inculcate knowledge on the staff on the locations of fire protection equipment and basic operating procedures.

As much as possible, the responsible safety officer should cover a comprehensive training that teaches staff to analyse a situation on whether to fight the fire or escape it. Ultimately, one should know the different fire extinguisher types in order to fight fire effectively.

The installation of fire extinguishers depends on a number of factors including the types of fires and their corresponding extinguishing agent. For staff to successfully put off a fire, they must first know the fire type. Class A fires are made up of carbonaceous materials such as paper and wood.

Class B fires are combustible liquids like chemical-based products. Class C fires are made up of gases from propane, LPG, and butane. Class D fires are metals. Class E fires are electrically sparked fires, and Class F fires are flammable fat products such as cooking oils. These basic facts can beyond doubt help save a life. Training early will certainly help boost the safety in your business premises.

Environment Protection

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True enough, The Real Estate Agency Fire Extinguisher plays a huge role in protecting the environment from carbon footprints. Though not widely known, this remains one of the most important facts. If all fires are controlled at their first stages, these will hinder toxic chemicals such as greenhouse gases from releasing into the atmosphere.

In comparison, a number of fires that rise to big flames consequently affect the environment through polluting the air and contributing to climate change. Having accessible and working fire extinguishers can drastically help prevent uncontrollable flames and decrease the amount of smoke emitted into the atmosphere. It is a matter of controlling fire and decreasing damages.

Aside from the assurance that installing A Real Estate Agency Fire Extinguisher could save your business and your workers, it is a feel-good practice that helps keep your business booming as well as help the community prosper.