Why Melbourne Hotels Should Invest on Fire Doors

Hotel guests and staff have the right to expect that they will be safely protected should a fire break out. Fires in hotels are unpredictable, something may fail within the fabric of the building, or with the fire safety devices and tragedy occurs, causing death or serious injury. That’s why you need Fire Doors.

Fire door is an engineered safety device and is part of a building’s PASSIVE fire protection system, an essential requirement for public buildings, like hotels, offices and factories.

Hotel rooms are separated from other rooms, or compartmentalized with fire doors in order to:

  • Keep any fire in the compartment in which it starts
  • Protect the occupants (and contents) of other compartments
  • Provide a safe, protected route to allow the occupants to escape.

The walls, ceilings, entrances, and exits are designed to resist the fire for a specified period of time.

The basic purpose of fire doors in everyday use is just like any other door. However, since a breakout of fire is never predictable, the fire door, unlike any other door, must then perform its prime purpose – protection to life and property and offer protection to the remainder of the building and to other buildings.

How are fire doors different to standard doors?

hotel fire door

Fire doors are manufactured to withstand the spread of fire for a given period of time, normally a minimum of 30 minutes. This allows time for inhabitants of a building to escape. Fire doors may be of solid construction or made with a special core, often flax board or a wood composite material that is slow to burn.

They are also made with special seals, fitted into either the door or frame, which seal the door on impact with heat, to stop the spread of fire and/or smoke around the edges of the door.

Is there anything different about installing a fire door?

Yes.  A fire door is a life-saving product and must be fitted correctly. The installation is critical to the door’s performance in the event of a fire. Fitting instructions would normally be supplied with the door and it is essential to follow these instructions and to check that any elements used are compatible including the correct seals and ironmongery.

Importance of fire door maintenance

fire door maintenance

Fire door maintenance, which is as important as fire door installation.

Why is fire door maintenance so much important? Here are the reasons:

  • As the time passes, you require checking whether the fire doors are working properly or not. If there is a smallest leakage on a fire door, it is of no use because fire can pass through the leakage and get spread to other places.
  • There are many professional agencies offering exceptional fire door maintenance services. All you need to do is to hire such agency and get work done excellently.
  • During an accidental fire, a fire door is a savior, so it is important to know that every component of the door is working perfectly.

The very first stop for just about any hotel owner concerned about fire door regulation should be a Fire Safety Officer, who will be able to advise them on all aspects of business fire safety.

By purchasing fire doors from certified manufacturers and suppliers, you can be sure that the door and its components have been subjected to rigorous testing as a complete assembly at every stage from design to installation.