How To Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Darwin Resort

Electrical fires are rather real and a prevalent threat in all buildings, as every facility, is full of electrical wires. Nearly every room in a resort is full of wires- some wires are even invisible to our eyes as they hide behind the walls. Each and every wire is at risk to spark and cause an electrical fire, having a devastating effect on your resort in just a few minutes. Faulty electrical wiring and overloaded systems are the most common cause of electrical fires.

Overloaded systems are likely to have strong electrical currents running through the wires, causing them to heat up in the process. The problem could become a real danger when the system heats up enough for ignition to happen, causing a fire in the process. Don’t ignore the most common electrical malfunctions that may cause an electrical fire. In the event of an electrical fire be sure to not use a fire hose but a carbon dioxide or dry chemical extinguisher.

Look out for:

  • Burning smell around the resort – Identify it is location and turn off power
  • Lights flickering or even dimming consistently – call an electrician
  • Slight burning or a discolored outlet
  • A switch or an outlet is heating up
  • Outlets spark when unplugging  or plugging
  • Crackling sounds from outlets
  • Too many extension cords – cords can get damaged
  • Buzzing sound from lights and outlets where the electrical current to jump

As mentioned electric over-currents is a primary root cause of electric fires. This happens when more amperage runs across an electric circuit or outlet than the system can handle. Wires and circuit breakers begin to heat up from the increased electricity consumption, resulting in an increased risk of fire. These problems are common, but they can be prevented and resolved with these few steps.

Prevent Electrical Fire

1. Electrical work should be done by a qualified electrician.

Qualified electricians are actually trained to set up all electrical outlets and wiring to meet building codes and standards. They will ensure all fixtures are fitted properly, and a qualified electrician will be able to identify a faulty outlet easily.

2. Have your resort electrical outlets inspected by a qualified electrician?

A qualified electrician will be able to properly inspect all electrical outlets, installations, and fixtures.

3. Major appliances must be plugged straight into a wall receptacle outlet.

Major appliances can be air conditioners, stoves, washers, dryers, or refrigerators.  Extension cords and plug strips shouldn’t be used since they’re not intended to carry loads of these major appliances. If needed, stay away from a fire hazard by having a qualified electrician install wall receptacle outlets closer to your major appliances.

4. Check electric cords to ensure they are not running across doorways or perhaps under carpets.

Extension cords are meant for temporary use. Nevertheless, safety cords can monitor and sense excessive heat in outlets and plugs made by overloading, poor connections, and improper use. A safety cord is a great way to protect your resort from electrical fires. Of course, it’s still ideal to have a qualified electrician add more receptacle outlets to avoid improper use and overloading of extension cords.

5. Heat-producing appliance should be plugged into a receptacle outlet one at a time.

Heat-producing appliances like heaters, Flatiron, coffee makers, toasters, or any other appliances that produce heat. Reduce fire hazards by just plugging in one of these appliances into the outlet at a time, and ensure that they are disconnected after use.

6. Replace corroded wiring.

Is your resort’s wiring old? You should always check for defective or old wires, as they are a significant source of electrical fires. In addition, if any wire is exposed on the exterior of the building, corrosive natural sources will rapidly deteriorate the wire even more. Any wire without sheathing should be replaced immediately. Visit for more info.

Be sure to call a qualified electrician if you notice any potential electrical malfunction in your Darwin resort. Whether you need fire extinguisher testing, electrical test and tag and a fire audit or if you just need further advice on you fire safety system FCF Fire and Electrical Darwin has you covered.  FCF Fire and Electrical Darwin can provide much more than just a fire safety advice we also offer a range of fire protection equipment like commercial fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers, fire detection systems, fire extinguishers, exit and emergency lighting with 5 year exit light warranty, online fire training courses, hydrant testing and many more. For more information on how our technicians can help your resort with our fire safety advice and services contact us today for a free quote.