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As well as Fire Safety, FCF Fire and Electrical South QLD offer a range of Electrical services for Dalby and surrounding towns such as Kingaroy, Nanango and Toowoomba. Damian has recently expanded operations and is now an electrician Toowoomba residents can turn to for a range of electrical services. He is a fully qualified Electrician and can assist with a range of Electrical Services for both homes and businesses. For great service and pricing, contact FCF Fire and Electrical South QLD for all Electrical services. Contact us today.


Electrical Services for Businesses in Toowoomba

The electrical needs of businesses are unique. These include electrical tasks such as switchboard wiring, RCD testing, Electrical test and tag, air conditioning wiring, data cabling and much more. As a fire protection specialist with a trained electrical background, Damian can assist you with all Electrical work that is fully compliant and safety tested to the highest Australian standards. He can carry out a full fire safety audit and service as well as electrical work, saving you time and monty.

Electrical Services for Homes in Toowoomba

FCF Fire and Electrical also offer a range of Electrical Services for homes in Toowoomba. This includes electrical wiring, light installation, appliance installation, renovation projects and much more. One of the most important Fire Safety components for Australian homes is a working smoke detector. FCF Fire and Electrical can hardwire these into the home so that they are more reliable in the case of an emergency. We can do other important residential safety tasks such as the installation and testing of RCD safety switches. For a full fire safety audit and a great range of electrical services for your Toowoomba home, contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.

Electrical Test and Tag Toowoomba
Our Toowoomba Electrical Services include Electrical Test and Tag

Why You Should Always Use a Qualified Electrician for Electrical Work

It’s pretty common knowledge that electricity is incredibly unsafe if appropriate safety precautions aren’t taken. At a high enough voltage electricity can actually arc through the air and strike anything in the immediate are that is conductive, including people. Although the electricity being brought into a home isn’t enough to arc through the air it’s dangerous none the less. Homeowners are surely going to experience some kind of electrical issues and in the interest of saving money, they might try to fix it themselves. There are a lot of reasons why it’s better to play it safe and call a local professional Electrician for help.

What can a professional do?

Let’s face it, electricity is a vital part of everyday life. Between the refrigerator and many of the small electronics everyone in the family uses there is no way to avoid using electricity. As more devices and appliances are added the demand for energy rises and there’s no sign of that demand shrinking. As time goes on the components of a home used to provide energy to every room in the house start to wear. Outlets no longer hold the cords in place, light switches become loose and less responsive, and wires in the walls of a home start to become brittle and might not even support the full amount of power family members demand. Avoiding dangerous situations by making household repairs is what a professional Electrician in Toowoomba does.

When is an electrician needed?

It might seem obvious when a professional is needed but the truth is most people aren’t really sure. Of course, a professional service provider isn’t needed for changing a light bulb, but replacing the fixture is a different matter. Any task that requires the removal, replacement, or repair of any wire in a home that carries electricity is work for a professional and licensed service provider. There are laws and regulations in place for a good reason. There is a considerable risk of injury or even death when working with high-voltage wires. The wires in a home carry enough electricity to seriously harm or kill. If the task requires handling wires of any sort it’s time to call a professional service provider.

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Is it okay to do electrical work without a license?

If the work requires any kind of demolition a licensed professional is required. The same is said if the task requires penetrating walls in any way. This includes nailing something into the wall. Digging without knowing where buried cables lie is dangerous and should only be done by a professional. Basically, anything that requires removing, repairing, altering, or maintaining any part of the electrical system in a home requires an electrical contractors license.

Electrical Inspections

No matter what the electrical work may be it’s always best to call a licensed professional. First and foremost it’s important to see the license of a service provider before work begins. Once the work is done a certification of electrical safety compliance is required by law. If a service provider cannot or will not provide these things they should no be hired in the first place. An inspection will be necessary for a certification to be granted and this can only be granted from a local electric inspector.

Sometimes, two inspections are needed before certification will be granted. Not to worry, though, a Toowoomba Electrician such as FCF Fire and Electrical South Queensland will be happy to provide all the necessary documentation to prove the work is legal and even offer a guarantee for the work they do. These are the only kind of service providers a homeowner should deal with and for good reason.

Toowoomba Electrical Testing Services

Fire safety is something that every business owner should be aware of and concerned about. Businesses are legally required to follow precise safety procedures to ensure their buildings, employees, and customers are safe from fires within the buildings. However, if a business owner doesn’t know what they need to do or they do not follow the safety procedures, it could lead to serious issues for the business. One of the most important procedures to understand is the test and tag procedure that needs to be done regularly to ensure electrical equipment is working properly and not likely to cause a fire or injuries.

Consequences of Electrical Failure in Equipment

Electrical equipment needs to be kept up with to ensure it is always safe to use and will not cause any issues. If the electrical components are in disrepair, it could lead to a fire, electrocution of someone using the equipment, or the death of personnel because of electrocution or because of a fire. It could also lead to a significant loss of business assets if there is a fire and injury or harm to customers of the business if they are injured by the equipment or because of a fire. The procedures for Test and Tag in Toowoomba will help to prevent these consequences and help save assets and lives.

What Is the Test and Tag Procedure?

Electrical equipment needs to be inspected regularly to ensure it’s working properly and not likely to result in damage. Equipment that is used in an environment which may expose it to conditions likely to damage it will need to be inspected more often. The inspections should be done by someone who has the knowledge and skills to do the inspections and testing of the equipment. They should then record the results of the testing. If there is equipment that does not pass the inspection, it will need to be tagged and cannot be used until it is repaired. If it cannot be repaired, it needs to be disposed of properly and replaced.

Legal Requirements for the Australian State of Queensland

The Toowoomba Electrical Testing needs to be done by someone who is qualified to do so. This often means the business owner will want to hire a professionally trained technician to ensure they meet this requirement. Businesses in Queensland need to make sure they satisfy the electrical duty of care by testing and tagging RCDs and any portable electrical appliances. They will need to follow the Electrical Safety Regulation of 2013. This regulation details everything the business owner should know about testing and tagging their equipment. It is important for a business owner to understand these regulations and to ask questions if they’re unsure of anything.

Contact FCF Fire and Electrical South QLD

A professionally trained technician should always be used to test and tag the business equipment. This should be done on a regular basis, the timeframe of which the professionally trained technician can help with. If you’re in need of Electrical testing in Toowoomba or other assistance, contact FCF Fire and Electrical. They’ll be happy to help you with all electrical testing services you might need.