Why Retail Businesses Need Fire Suppression System

The Retail Industry is a distinctive marketplace which entails everything from large big box, grocery operations, department stores, as well as specialty retailers, convenience stores, and other things. All with different types of fire suppression system needs. A fire is among the most damaging things which could occur to any retail store. Uncontrolled flames could defeat the very best firefighters if you don’t have the necessary fire suppression system set up.

The Retail Industry has numerous challenges for fire protection. Life safety is the priority followed by building fire and safety regulation compliance, property protection and simply managing the business. Operating hours frequently play a vital element in maintaining fire protection systems. Of significant value for those who are in retail businesses is always keeping the company going. Business interruption may promptly affect income and influence consumer loyalty, This is the reason why Canberra retail businesses need fire suppression system.

Retail businesses require services including fire sprinkler, fire pumps, fire alarm, and water storage holding tanks, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, hood suppression as well as backflow prevention.

Fire Protection Systems for Retail Businesses


Fire Suppression System

While risks exist, up-to-code and properly installed fire suppression system can prevent great damage or loss of life from a fire. Fire safety measures that must be maintained include:

Fire sprinklers

The first defense against a retail store fire. The sprinkler heads disperse water on the flames and keep them from spreading until the fire department arrives and takes full control of the situation. The fire sprinklers need to be in good working order.

Fire alarm monitoring

Without fire alarm monitoring, the blaring sirens and flashing lights indicating a fire are only useful if people are in the building. Fire alarm monitoring ensures the local fire department knows about the emergency seconds after the alarm goes off. It’s the best way to ensure help is on the way, even when no one is around to report the fire. Feel free to inquire here.

Fire extinguishers

Distribute fire extinguishers around the store, being sure to place one or two near flammable products or lit candle displays. ABC fire extinguishers are the most versatile because they put out fires caused by flammable liquids, electronic equipment, and burning paper or plastic.

Fire Hazards in Retail Stores

There are many fire hazards and risks in a typical retail store. Consult  with a professional fire protection company that is an expert infire safety and audit inspection for retail businesses to ensure your space is up to code, be sure to discuss:

  • Electrical equipment: Lighting, sound systems, cash registers, refrigeration, and other aspects of your retail store require electrical wiring. Any malfunctions in these areas could cause a fire.
  • Flammable products: From pesticides to chemicals, some may probably sell many different flammable products. These could lead to a fire in the right conditions.
  • Vandals: You can’t control the behavior of customers who enter your retail store. Whether on purpose or by accident, someone could set your merchandise on fire.

The most effective way to guard against fire is to have fire suppression system expertly installed and maintained.
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