Child Care Fire Safety: Are Fire Extinguishers Replaced?

Child Care Fire Safety: When was the last time you changed your fire extinguisher? Does it have damages? Are there evident signs of leakages? Maybe it is time to replace them. With a wide selection of fire safety equipment and each having different sets of requirements, it becomes quite hard to keep track of their expiry dates. However, ignoring these can impose serious danger to the child care centre. With that said, keeping a record of the fire extinguisher maintenance and expiry dates is highly recommended.

Maintaining Fire Extinguishers

Part of keeping your fire extinguishers in check is to maintain their condition. Ensure the working capacity of each equipment by hiring a good fire safety technician. He/she is responsible for regularly checking if the pressure gauge shows a decrease in the tank’s pressure or if the tank is near expiry. Doing this should ensure some level of Child Care Fire Safety


Maintenance checks also involve hydro testing and equipment recharging. The former is performed through testing whether the shell of the extinguisher has no cracks or leaks. Older ones are likely to have these issues and may need immediate replacement. The latter is responsible for the pressure on your fire extinguishers. While it is normal for pressure to decrease over time, a regular inspection will significantly increase the performance of extinguishers.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Fire Extinguisher?


fire extinguisher inspection in child care centre
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Beyond all the necessary inspections and adjustments, the fire extinguisher eventually reaches the end of its lifespan. In many cases, a replacement is necessary even though it has not been used.


You will need replacing fire extinguisher depending on the condition and situation. Firstly, if you have used your disposable fire extinguisher, it can be considered good for a replacement. If you are using a non-disposable one, a replacement isn’t necessary unless it is already broken. Also, it can be refilled after its first use. Inspection and servicing are required every six months or every year, which undergoes recharging and hydro testing. The lifespan of refillable fire extinguishers are 5-10 years but can reach as long as 15 years.


Monitoring the maintenance and lifespan of the child care centre’s fire extinguishers can extensively increase your Child Care Fire Safety Level. You’ll be surprised how much help it can actually do by simply having them serviced and inspected every year.