Work Fire Safety Equipment

The law requires Australian businesses to maintain a certain level of fire safety in their place of work. The required installation of certain types of equipment is outlined in regulation AS1851. Following these guidelines is vital as this will ensure full compliance with fire safety methods and optimal protection for workers. The pieces of fire equipment required differ from one business to the next. Reputable suppliers of work fire safety equipment know what is required for your particular business. The basic varieties of fire safety equipment include:

Fire Extinguishers

Your business can benefit from one of the 6 main types of fire extinguishers available. Expert suppliers will install the type that is best for your business. The right quantity will also be installed in the most ideal locations. Additionally, the correct signage will be displayed in accordance with Australian Standards. It is the responsibility of your business to always get it right with fire safety. Therefore, your business should be 100 percent compliant to protect your employees and customers.

Fire Extinguishers are an important part of Work Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Blankets

Fire blankets are another piece of commonly installed work fire safety equipment. The blankets are especially handy for extinguishing fires caused by cooking oils and other fats. Therefore, they are ideal for commercial kitchens as these spaces are vulnerable to small fires. Fire safety blankets do not create the level of damage and mess typically associated with fire extinguisher.

FCF Fire and Electrical Worker Ensuring that Fire Blankets are correctly installed.

Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency exit signs are required by law in Australian businesses. These signs assist in the safe exit of staff members and other personnel in case of an emergency. The placement of emergency lights inside a building is determined by Australian Standards. Experts are aware of the location and amount of emergency exit lights that should be installed in your particular building. Additionally, these lights require periodic servicing and maintenance.

Electrician working on Exit light

Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinkler systems are an active method of fire safety in the workplace. They are made up of a water-supply system and are attached to a water distribution piping system. They provide sufficient flow rate and pressure to help with fire safety. Fire sprinklers are used extensively in Australian businesses. In buildings fully protected by these sprinklers, more than 96 percent of fires were solely controlled by the fire sprinklers.

Smoke Detectors

As proven life savers, smoke detectors are required to be installed in commercial offices. Places like boarding schools, hotels, hostels and motels are required to install working smoke detectors. If not maintained properly, they could trigger false alarms and otherwise malfunction. It is vital and, in many cases, some businesses are legally obligated to periodically ensure the detectors are working properly.

Fire Alarm Panels

Smoke detectors are a part of the fire alarm or fire control panels as well. These systems form a central component of the fire safety techniques of a building. The panels are used to identify and combat fire through a pre-determined response action. Hotels and larger commercial offices are required to have the panels tested on a regular basis. Expert suppliers will assist with supplying, installing and maintaining fire alarm panels.

Fire Panel Testing
Fire Panel Testing

Fire Hose Reels

Strategically located throughout the building, fire hose reels supply a fairly controlled and accessible supply of water for extinguishing fires. This system is made up of hose reels, pipes, pumps and a water supply source.

Operated manually, the system is activated when a valve is opened. This enables the flow of water to enter the hose, which is typically located 30 meters away. Pressure loss in the system activates the pump. This ensures adequate pressure and water flow to supply a typical water jet that can extend at least 10 meters from the nozzle.

Further Information

This is just a brief overview of the main types of fire safety equipment for Queensland businesses. If you are in the Dalby Area or surrounding towns and need further information about obtaining the correct fire safety equipment for your business, contact us today.