South Queensland Test and Tag Requirements

Business owners need to be sure they understand the legal requirements for test and tag to ensure they are in compliance with the Queensland Laws and Regulations for Business Owners. This can be a little complicated, so it’s important to contact a professional with any questions about the process and to be sure to always exceed the requirements to ensure the business is always in compliance.

Below is a general overview of the laws surrounding Test and Tag South Queensland so a business owner can get an idea of what they need to be aware of.

What Is Test and Tag?


Test and Tag is the name given to the procedure used to test electrical equipment in a workplace and ensure it is removed from use if there is any noted damage to the equipment.

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Why Is Test and Tag Important? 


This process is extremely important because it removes any damaged equipment before it causes any issues. When faulty equipment is used, it could start a fire or electrocute the person operating the equipment. Electrocution, depending on the amount of electricity, can cause minor to severe injuries or death.

What Businesses Does This Effect?


Every business needs to be aware of the requirements for their equipment. Construction businesses must test and tag their equipment on a regular basis. Any business who uses their equipment in a hostile operating environment (subject to conditions that are likely to damage the equipment on a regular basis) must also follow test and tag procedures. All other businesses must do a risk assessment to determine how to comply with the regulations.


Who Can Test and Tag the Equipment?


The regulations require testing to be done by a competent person. This is a person who has acquired the appropriate knowledge to carry out the Testing and Tagging through training, experience, or qualifications. Many businesses prefer to hire a professional electrician to handle this task to ensure they’re in compliance with the regulations and to ensure the testing is done correctly.

What Happens to Damaged Equipment?


Damaged equipment will need to be tagged and removed from use. It cannot be used again until it has been repaired and tested to show it’s working properly again. If it cannot be repaired, it will need to be discarded and replaced with functioning equipment.

Do Records Need to Be Kept for the Testing?


All equipment that is used for construction work or in a hostile operating environment must have a record of the testing to ensure compliance. The record needs to include the name of the person who tested the equipment, the date it was tested, the result of the test, and the date the next test is due. If the equipment was repaired, this must be included as well. All records should be located in a place where all employees can access it.

These regulations must be followed by all businesses, but it can be complex to determine when testing needs to be done and whether a business falls under a hostile operating environment for the equipment. A business that has any questions on their requirements under these regulations should contact FCF Fire and Electrical for advice and help. We can additionally perform the test and tag to ensure everything is fully compliant. If you are a business owner in Dalby or Surrounding Towns, make sure you contact us about our Electrical Test and Tag service today.