First Response Fire Training

Fire safety is something every person should be aware of. It’s essential for business owners to teach their employees about proper fire safety and what to do if there is an emergency in the building. By ensuring every employee has First Response Fire Training, there will be a lower chance of injuries or death in the event of a fire. FCF Fire and Electrical Sunshine coast offer a comprehensive fire safety training program and can come to your business and train your staff and employees.

Below are some of the basic steps a person should follow if a fire does occur inside a building. Our training offers a far more comprehensive process but this gives some of the basic things that should be done.

Set Off the Alarm and Call for Help

As soon as a fire is noticed, the employee should tell everyone in the immediate area to leave. They’ll then want to set off the closest alarm, if available, or yell to alert others in the building of the fire. They should then contact emergency services to ensure they have been told about the alarm and are on route to the building. It’s important to be specific about where the person is and where the fire is located so emergency personnel can get to the exact location inside the building as quickly as possible.


Evacuate the Area of the Fire

The person should then evacuate the immediate area of the fire and make sure everyone in the building knows to get out as quickly as possible. If it’s safe to do so, they can look through the area to find anyone who might not have heard the alarm or who cannot get out on their own. They can assist others to help them get out quickly.

Attempt to Fight the Fire If Safe to Do So

Once the building is evacuated, the person can start using the building’s fire safety equipment to fight the fire if they can do so without being in danger themselves. It’s important for them to know where everything is and how to use it properly to fight the fire. They should make sure they choose the correct fire extinguisher if there is one available and should make sure they are using it correctly to avoid making the fire worse.

Fire Warden Training

Use a Fire Extinguisher

It is essential for those who might need to fight a fire to understand how to use a fire extinguisher properly. They will also need to know how to choose a fire extinguisher as using the wrong one could make the fire worse.

  • Check the labeling on the fire extinguisher to ensure it’s safe to use on the fire. The cause of the fire is what will determine which fire extinguisher is safe to use.
  • Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher, aim away from any people, and test it to ensure it works properly.
  • Walk toward the fire, but remain back far enough to be safe. Aim the fire extinguisher toward the bottom of the fire, not the top.
  • Squeeze the trigger for the fire extinguisher and use sweeping motions side to side to put out the fire.

Evacuate the Building When Emergency Personnel Arrives

When the emergency personnel arrives, the person should defer to them and evacuate the building. If they are aware of anything that could help the firefighters, they should alert them at this time and then remain back where they are safe. On their way out of the building, they should walk quickly and close doors and windows as they leave, but they should not lock any of the doors.

By following the above tips and any fire safety training provided, those who work in the building can help others get out to safety and can help stop the fire if possible. Through more in depth training First Response Fire Training, the business owner can ensure the employees in the building understand what to do and how to help if there is a fire. If you would like to find out more about First Response Fire Training for your business,visit us today.