Fire Suppression

FCF Fire and Electrical Dalby can supply, install and maintain Fire Suppression systems for vehicles. We specialise in Qtec fire suppression systems which are built for the harsh Australian climate. Qtec Fire is a 100% Australian owned and operated company so you know you are getting the very best quality.

Where Can Fire Suppression Systems be Used?

Fire Suppression systems should be installed in vehicles to protect the equipment and provide safety to personnel. Some of the industries which should consider installing these systems include:

  • Mining Industry: Excavators, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Off Road Vehicles, Plant Equipment etc
  • Transportation Industry: Buses, Forklifts, Semi Trailers etc
  • Construction Industry: Bulldozers, Graders, Front End Loaders, Bobcats etc
  • Forestry Industry: Loggers, Logging Trucks, Chippers, Arboriculture Equipment etc
excavators with fire suppression systems
excavators with fire suppression systems

Fire Suppression Equipment for Vehicles

By installing a fire suppression system vehicle owners can prevent serious damage to their vehicle due to a fuel leak or faulty component. Heavy equipment and commercial vehicles are prone to fire hazards due to extended use and powerful components. There are three stages of fire suppression; Detection, actuation, and distribution.

In some suppression systems, excess heat and or flames are detected with electronic sensors or physical components such as a plastic switch that melts at a certain temperature. Once the fire is detected the system is actuated and most likely a fire retardant material is distributed to the afflicted area. Once the process is complete the fire will be smothered as long as the application meets the recommended standards. Choosing the right system and installing it properly can make the difference between a complete loss and minor damage.

Choosing The Right Fire Suppression System

Fire hazards pose a risk to individuals operating equipment, the equipment itself, and the surrounding property. For a business owner, this kind of risk is absolutely unacceptable. Whenever there is a risk of fire damage or injury it is the equipment or property owners responsibility to reduce this risk as much as possible. This is where fire suppression services come in.

Simply assuming the equipment being operated is safe can be a huge mistake. It’s important to take extra steps to assure compliance with safety standards and provide a safe working environment for employees.


Qtec Fire Suppression Component

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Fire suppression isn’t as simple as keeping a fire extinguisher around. In many commercial or industrial settings it just isn’t practical or safe to expect individuals to act as a fire safety system. Automated systems protect people and property by preventing human error and reducing the risk of harm from fire. This concept has saved countless lives ad preventing a lot of property damage.

With our training and expertise in Fire Protection, we can assist you with the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Suppression Systems in your vehicle. We know which system is suited to your vehicle and we are happy to provide a free quote. By working with FCF Fire and Electrical you can be confident you will get the best protection possible.

For free advice or quote on Fire Suppression Systems, contact us today.

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