Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Dalby

Workplace safety is vital for all businesses and their employers. For this reason, all business owners must follow all Work Health and Safety regulations. These regulations outline the requirements for all businesses pertaining to fire safety. Fire Extinguisher Services help these businesses identify what devices are needed for their building to keep their workers safe.

What Type of Business Needs a Fire Extinguisher in Australia?

All businesses need fire extinguishers. These devices are required by workplace safety laws. The business owners must position fire extinguishers throughout their property to reduce the risk of fire-related injuries. The extinguishers must manage the type of fires that are possible inside their building. A risk assessor helps them determine what fires are likely. This allows them to remain compliant with these local regulations.

What Type of Fire Extinguisher is Needed?

The type of Fire Extinguishers that are required depends on the presence of hazards. For example, restaurant kitchens would require class F extinguishers since these areas contain cooking oils and fats. Businesses that use flammable liquids need class B extinguishers to eliminate fires ignited by combustibles.

The type of business defines their risk of fire. Products that are used by these businesses determine what risks are present. A full inspection of the business helps these owners determine what extinguishers they need and where to place them.

What are the Requirements for Servicing and Maintaining Fire Extinguishers?

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance begins with bi-annual inspections. The inspection must determine if the extinguisher is full. If there isn’t a gauge to read, the inspector should weigh the canister to determine if it is full. The inspector must complete testing and create a report for the findings.

After five years, the extinguishers should be emptied completely. The inspector must pressure test the extinguisher. Next, the extinguisher must be refilled by a certified technician.

Common Myths About Fire Extinguishers

Business owners should avoid common misconceptions about fire extinguishers. Misleading information could lead to improper choices. This could lead to safety violations and non-compliance. The following are common myths about these devices:

  • Choosing greater UL ratings helps manage large fires.
  • You should use older extinguishers for training purposes.
  • Dry chemicals removes oxygen from the fire.
  • You can’t use dry chemicals with foam or water at the same time.

All businesses must follow fire and safety regulations in Australia. These regulations outline what extinguishers are required for these businesses. They also determine what steps are required to prevent fire-related injuries. Business owners who need assistance with these requirements should contact their preferred fire extinguisher service today.