Fire Blankets Quickly Extinguish Cooking and Clothing Fires

In homes as well as in public buildings, people should regularly practice locating and using appropriate fire tools so that, should a fire occur, they’ll be able to default to that knowledge and those actions. It isn’t enough to read about what to do. Studies show that going through the motions of using a fire extinguisher or locating a fire blanket help people maintain their focus and respond as they trained when a fire occurs. One aspect of planning ahead involves Fire Blankets.

What is a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are actual fire-retardant blankets that have been created from fibreglass for the purpose of smothering certain types of fires. They are sold by companies specialising in fire prevention equipment and come in a variety of sizes. Even though, after use, a fibreglass blanket may appear to be intact, the DFES recommends it be replaced rather than reused. The use of fibreglass fire blankets is not required by law but is highly recommended nonetheless.

When Should a Fire Blanket Be Used?

In learning How to use a Fire Blanket, it must be remembered it is only intended to be used in cooking fires or when clothes are burning. They should be used only when the blanket’s size is appropriate to the size of the fire. In general, they are only meant to extinguish small, localized fires, or burning clothing on a person.

Where Should the Fire Blanket Be Stored?

It is recommended that fire blankets be located in a highly visible location, preferably near the kitchen.

What are the Steps to Proper Use of a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are typically folded in such a way as to open for use rapidly. They are stored in red PVC packages that are equipped with quick-release tabs. To use:

  • Pull the tabs to remove the fire blanket from the pouch.
  • Protect your hands by quickly wrapping them in the upper edge of the blanket as you approach the fire.
  • Hold the blanket in front of you as a protective shield as you approach the flames.
  • Place—do not throw—the blanket over the flames. You may lose your only chance to extinguish the fire if you throw the blanket and it fails to cover the fire, yet lands where you cannot retrieve it.
  • After the fire is out, leave the blanket in place until cool.
  • If a person’s clothing is on fire, wrap the blanket around them.
  • If you must go through an area that is in flames to exit the building, wrap yourself in the fire blanket.

Remember, once a fire blanket has been used, it should be replaced. Although it may appear to be fine, an unused blanket is better able to put out a fire than one that has previously been exposed to flames. Sunshine Coast Fire Blankets is your best source for fire readiness advice as well as for fire blankets to equip your home or businessin the event of a fire emergency.