Perth Fire Fighting Equipment

FCF Fire and Electrical can help your business stay fire safe with the supply, installation and maintenance of Perth fire fighting equipment including fire extinguishersfire panelsRCD safety switches, fire blankets, fire hydrants, fire hose reels and much more.

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Businesses must keep adequate fire safety equipment to ensure that everyone stays safe should a fire start. By having the right types of equipment and keeping them maintained, businesses can rest assured knowing that they are prepared for any emergency fire situation. Professional help is available for companies that want to make sure they ready for any issue.

What Type of Perth Fire Fighting Equipment are Businesses Responsible For Having?

While the exact requirements for fire safety equipment vary by business, all businesses have the same obligation to keep people safe. If anyone is injured as a result of a fire in a business, the business can be held liable. This means that the company could get sued in civil court or be considered criminally responsible for any deaths or injuries that occur as a result of a fire on site. This includes any employees, visitors, delivery personnel and anyone else who may be in the building at the time of fire. As a result, most companies put a lot of time and effort into collecting and maintaining their fire equipment to avoid injury and resulting lawsuits. Checking local laws for specific businesses or hiring a fire safety consultant is the best way to determine legal obligations for fire equipment.

What are the kinds of Perth Fire Fighting Equipment?

There are several different types of Perth Fire Fighting Equipment that most people are familiar with. It is a good idea for businesses to keep these items on hand in case of emergencies:


  • Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers contain a propellant that will quickly smother a fire that breaks out. Extinguishers are more effective when they are used early in the fire, as they are not always powerful enough to stop large or especially involved flames. At the first sign of flame, an extinguisher should be used to prevent the spread of the fire.
  • Hoses: Fire hoses provide intense streams of water that can quickly put out large areas of flame. The force of the water can be quite powerful, so it is best to train employees in the proper use of these hoses.
  • Fire Blankets: Fire blankets are used to put out any flames that are affecting an individual body. If someone should ignite their clothing, hair or skin, it is crucial to immediately wrap them in a fire blanket. The blanket will suffocate the flames and prevent further injury.
  • Smoke Detectors: All buildings should be equipped with smoke detectors, as they are the first line of defense against fires. Detectors should be placed around the building in such a way that smoke from any situation will set them off. Smoke detectors have loud alarms that alert people to the danger and signify that they should evacuate.

Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment

Just having Fire Fighting Equipment is not enough; the equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained by professionals according to Australian Standards AS1851. Most equipment must be inspected yearly, but some require more frequent maintenance to avoid issue. To ensure that equipment is in proper condition and for help with creating a fire safety plan, contact the professionals at FCF Fire and Electrical.

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With regular maintenance and the right type of equipment, it is possible for businesses to avoid personal injuries during fires. Fires can move quickly, so having the best equipment and fire safety plan possible is best. Without one, businesses may be legally responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of a fire.

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