Learn More About Test and Tag in Melbourne

Electrical test and tagging are required by the AS/NZS 3760:2010. These services must be carried out to ensure there are no electrical shock risks and risks of fire. Different types of equipment require different periods of testing. Some equipment must be tested weekly while other equipment may only need to be inspected every two to five years.

Since the law for test and tag in Victoria is not always easy to understand, it is important for business owners to hire a professional testing company so they can be sure they are compliant with the law and their business or residence is safe for its occupants.

What are the Test and Tag Legal Requirements?

Property owners have a duty of care in making sure their occupants, visitors, and employees are safe while in their business. It is crucial business owners maintain their businesses and have their equipment tested on a regular basis to ensure there are no risks to a person’s health. There are several requirements a business must meet according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2000:

  • All electrical equipment used in any type of construction work must be inspected and tested on a regular basis.
  • Any electrical equipment used in any place of work must be thoroughly inspected and tested on a regular basis to ensure it meets safety requirements.
  • All electrical equipment that is found to be unsafe in test and tag in Victoria will need to be disconnected from its power supply and permanently removed.
  • Records must be kept of all testing and maintenance practices that are carried out for each piece of electrical equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions about Test and Tag


What information needs to be on a tag?

If the equipment is found to be compliant, it needs to be marked with the name or company that performed the test, along with the date of the test.

How long should testing and maintenance records be kept?

All testing and maintenance records should be kept for the length of time the electrical device remains in operation.

Are there any special requirements for electrical equipment that has been serviced or repaired?

Any equipment that has been serviced or repaired must be carefully inspected before it is allowed to be used in operation.

Who can inspect and test electrical equipment being used in a place of business?

A competent person must carry out testing and maintenance on all electric devices. A competent person is one that fully understands the steps that are needed to be carried out in testing and is able to recognize any signs of faulty or non-compliant devices.

If you are a business owner who is need of testing and maintenance services for their electric devices should contact us right away. We specialize in keeping business owners compliant with the law and help to make sure all fire safety equipment is properly maintained and in good working order. The information in this article is of a general nature so it is important to seek professional advice when it comes to Test and Tag in Melbourne. Contact us today and allow us to give you information on how our services can make the testing of your electric devices much easier and safer.