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Welcome to the home of Fire Safety – FCF Fire and Electrical. For years we have worked with Queensland businesses to develop Fire Systems in the workplace. We provide the best service at the most affordable rates and unlike other multinational companies we don’t charge extra for regional services.

Our Fire Systems range from Fire Indicator Panels, Smoke Alarm Detectors, Monitoring and various other Fire Safety Equipment. With FCF you can be confident that we can implement an excellent Fire System for your Queensland business which suits your needs and budget. We are a 100% Australian Owned and Operated and actually listen to Australian Business owners. So while we are a national company, we like to stay as local as possible to maintain great, friendly and affordable service.

Australian companies are required under law to maintain fire safety equipment and educate their workers about related risks. These strategies should include fire safety training that presents workers with vital information needed during a fire related emergency. With Fire Equipment Maintenance in Queensland, the company owner could maintain a safer workplace.

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Fire Safety Equipment – Your Obligations As a Queensland Business Owner

As a business owner, these individuals are obligated to keep their workers safe. They must install fixture such as fire exits lights and signs to guide the way out of the building. They are required to introduce their workers to fire safety training. These strategies prepare them for fires related to their respective industry. They must also include escape routes that are posted throughout the building and in each room inhabited by workers.

Exit Light Installation

Types of Fire Safety Equipment and Their Purposes

The most commonly used fire safety equipment is fire extinguishers. Company owners are responsible for purchasing all fire extinguisher models that relate to the duties of workers in the area in which they are situated. During fire safety training workers are introduced to Fire Safety Equipment based on its purposes. This prevents them from making errors such as using an extinguisher used for a wood fire on an electrical fire. These conditions could lead to further and unnecessary injuries.

Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Compliance laws identify how often maintenance is needed. According to these guidelines, the maintenance staff must evaluate the extinguishes each month. They must replace any extinguisher that doesn’t work properly. They must also create a log for any repairs made.

RCD Testing

Annual Occupiers Statement for Queensland Business

Business owners or occupiers in Queensland are responsible for maintaining the required fire safety equipment, or fire safety installations, within their building. These annual fire safety obligations are a very serious responsibility. The lives of customers, employees and others could be jeopardized if this fire safety equipment is not ready to use when needed.

What is the Occupiers Statement?

The building occupier or owner is required by the Queensland Fire Safety Regulations 2008 to state each year in writing that the fire safety installations have been properly maintained. This is accomplished by supplying an Occupiers Statement to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Services.

The annual Occupiers Statement must be sent to the fire commissioner by July 11.

  • This document can be emailed to: occupier.statements
  • Fax numbers and postal addresses for the regional offices are available at:

The official name of the occupiers statement qld is the “certificate of maintenance.”

What is Covered in the Occupiers Statement?

The Occupiers Statement covers the following issues:

  • Were any critical defect notices received during the past year?
  • On what date were these critical defects rectified?
  • A listing of all fire safety equipment, such as air handling systems, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers
  • The authorized person verifying that the equipment has been properly maintained must sign the Occupiers Statement.

How Can a Business Obtain an Occupiers Statement?

  • A copy of a pre-prepared Annual Occupiers Statement can be found in the Essential Safety Measures Manual
  • A copy can also be downloaded at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the occupier of a building required to do by the Queensland Fire Safety Regulations?

A. The maintenance of fire safety installations (safety measures, fittings and equipment) is covered by Part 5 of the Regulations. The building occupier is responsible for seeing that a qualified person performs necessary maintenance at the intervals required by the Queensland Development Code, Part MP 6.1.

Compliance verification is confirmed when a signed copy of the annual Occupiers Statement is provided to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Services commissioner.

Q. Who can sign the annual Occupiers Statement?

A. The building occupier, the building owner if there is no occupier or another person authorized by the occupier or owner can sign the occupiers statement annual.

Q. Why was this statement never previously required?

A. The Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 replaced the now repealed Building Fire Safety Regulation 1991. The regulations regarding fire safety installation maintenance were transferred into the Queensland Development Codes as “Commissioning and maintenance of fire safety installations” found in Mandatory Part (MP) 6.1.

Q. Who is authorized to do the required maintenance and testing on fire safety installations?

A. The Plumbing Industry Council or the Queensland Building Services Authority license appropriately qualified people. Further information on the various licenses needed for fire safety installation maintenance can be obtained from these organizations.

Q. Are there any penalties for not submitting an Occupiers Statement?

A. Yes. Significant monetary penalties can be imposed after an audit of the building by an authorized fire officer. If anyone should be injured or die due to failure to maintain the fire safety installations in the building, the building occupier could be sentenced to jail.

Q What fire safety installations should be within the building?

A. For the complete list of fire safety installations, refer to the Building Act 1975 which covers:

  • Fire protection systems
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Occupant safety features
  • Other features

The fire safety installations for a specific building will be identified on the plans and specifications which were approved when the building was constructed. If an alternate solution was used, there should be a Certificate of Classification at the building’s entrance detailing the alternate solution.

If the owner of the building does not have the Certificate of Classification or the building plans, local government should have a copy. If no records are found, a building certifier will be able to tell you the classification of the building and the required fire safety installations.

For full fire safety compliance, contact FCF Fire and Electrical. They are able to assist businesses in obtaining the annual Occupiers Statement.

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Professional Fire System Help and Advice

A fire safety consultant could determine if the company is compliant with all laws related to Queensland fire systems. They identify risks for the company associated with Fire Equipment Maintenance. By acquiring advice from a consultant the company owner could avoid unwanted violations and penalties.

Australian companies are required by law to follow fire safety guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maintain safe work environments and reduce the potential for fire related injuries and death. Companies that need to learn more about Fire Equipment maintenance should contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.