The Importance of Fire Protection at your Home

This week we are grateful to be a part of the Fire Protection Industry, the knowledge we have gained has benefitted us immensely.

On a 41 degree day in Melbourne, hot gusty winds blew down a large gum tree and on its way down it connected with the powerlines, caught fire and landed across the street and started a fire in another tree.

It all happened quite quickly, but luckily we were on the ball and while I called 000, Nick raced out with an ABE extinguisher to help put out the fire after ensuring the grid power system was safe.

Our neighbour had also come with Fire Extinguisher in toe, but he had a water extinguisher. The tree had hit the powerlines, and consequently the power had gone out, and sparks from the powerlines had started the fire. We were unsure at the time if the powerlines had come down and may have been under the large tree, so a water Fire extinguisher was a safety risk.

Thankfully the fire had been put out with the use of the fire extinguishers, before the Fire Fighters had arrived, so the threat of a major fire in the suburbs had been averted.

So it brings me to the point that it is very important to make sure you are safe this Fire season especially around your home.

So do you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket at your house?

Call us today and ask us about Fire Protection Equipment for your home.

Written by Erica Podporin

FCF Fire & Electrical Melbourne East