Fire Safety Training

Here at FCF we offer Fire Warden Training, Online Fire Extinguisher Training and First Attack Fire and Safety Training.

The Fire Safety Training is completed on site at your business. All personnel attending the training receive a certificate of completion. Fire warden certificates are valid for 1 year from date of training, and First attack certificates are valid for two years.

The training is made up of two components, theoretical and practical.

First Attack Fire Training Topics

What Are The Priorities During A Fire Emergency?
  • Protecting people
  • How to protect your own safety & the safety of others
  • Protecting property
  • Restoring normality to the area affected by fire
Fire Blankets
  • What are they?
  • When to use them
  • How to use a fire blanket safely
Fires In The Workplace
  • The characteristics of a fire
  • What is fire?
  • First attack firefighting equipment
  • First attack firefighting procedures
  • Fire Protection features of buildings
Hose Reels


  • What is a hose reel?
  • When do you use a hose reel?
  • How to use a hose reel


Fire Extinguishers
  • What types of fire extinguishers are there
  • What extinguisher is used on what fire
  • How to use a fire extinguisher
First Attack Response Proceedures
  • The 6 steps to take in an emergency
General Information
  • Classification of materials – A-B-C-D-E-F
  • In depth discussion of fire extinguishers & their use
  • The classes of fire & the appropriate extinguisher to use

Need Assistance With Fire Training?

Check out our online fire training centre for all of your fire training requirements.