The Next Gen Franchising Summit

FCF Managing Director Jacob Foster will be attending the Next Gen Franchising Summit in February 2016. He was awarded an invitation in recognition of the success of the FCF Fire and Electrical Franchise.   FCF is built on customer service and satisfaction. In this post we look at what the Next Gen Franchising Summit is all about.

What is the Next Gen Franchising Summit?

The Next gen Franchising Global Competition was created solely to celebrate the incredible steps entrepreneurs strive for in their own business. The Next Gen Summit in Austin is a celebration in all things business. Yet, the focus is on independent success. It is the trajectory of a single individual turning a wonderful idea into a successful franchise.

Franchising Reaches New Heights

Business is always adjusting to the demands of commerce on a global scale. Every year, the event challenges entrepreneurs to predict what is coming in the future. In 2014, a major theme was globalization. It seems that amidst major changes in foreign policy and business, the push towards globalization ramped up tremendously.

2015 had a slightly different theme surrounding the discussions. Many people were intrigued by the healthcare industry, and how healthcare has changed the landscape for entrepreneurs. It seems that the Affordable care Act has shifted the landscape for business owners.

How the Web Changes the Conversation

One of the most apparent threads with Next Gen Franchising is the onset of the Internet. Arguably no other source of influence has shifted business more than the web. Entire businesses can be created without leaving a chair. It has enforced staggering and dramatic new changes in the evolution of a business to the levels of franchising. Franchising has almost always been about a physical building or property. It is about replacing a physical process.

But, that may not always be the case, and the web has proved that franchising is entirely possible in a whole different way. Would it not be possible to franchise software through the web? A business owner can receive all the resources remotely, and develop their business accordingly. Some argue that the strategy is essentially what network marketing is.

The discussion is fascinating. The Next Gen Summit in Austin explores the biggest questions in business and franchising. Every year has a few common themes that are explored, but the focus is always on building a business and replicating it for franchise success. Despite the many industry changes, there is still an overwhelming understanding that the most efficient way to grand success is getting others to copy the template.

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