Smoke Detectors Affected by Storm Season

Hi Guys,

Jacob here and once again recent storms and wet weather are playing havoc with Fire Detectors.  With increased water from storms brings a large number of different insects looking for homes and Fire Detectors seem to be popular.

Each year we have been able to limit our Clients’ false alarms.  A couple of our techniques for achieving this are as follows:

  • Removing Cobwebs
  • Ensuring dust in the general area is limited
  • Yearly Detector cleaning

A warning must come with this as removing the covers and the dismantling of different detectors requires a qualified person to ensure the Detector will work when reassembled.  Also, AS1670 systems have different Detector types in areas for maximum protection.

Over the years we see less and less false alarms and happy Clients are the end result.

Call us today and we will visit your site and advise of the best approach to reduce your call outs this storm season.