Massive Explosion in China – What We Can Learn About Commercial Fire Safety

Massive Explosion in China – What We Can Learn About Commercial Fire Safety

The Explosions in Tianjin, China and the Aftermath

The explosions in Tianjin, China began with two major explosions on Wednesday, August 12, 2015. These explosions occurred within 30 seconds of each other and created fires that continued to burn throughout the weekend. They also led to additional explosions that occurred as late as Saturday, August 15th. On this day, an additional eight explosions occurred. Due to the explosions and the fire, the official death toll of this disaster includes 173 people confirmed dead. This included 95 firefighters out of the thousand on scene and 11 police officers. It also included members of the families living close to the site of the explosions. It was a horrific and tragic incident that Australian business owners can learn from in regards to commercial fire safety. Visit this site for more info.


The exact cause of the explosions is still not available, but there were over 40 hazardous chemicals being stored at the site. Sources have stated there could have been around 3,000 tonnes of chemicals, including ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium cyanide, and calcium carbide. The police have arrested twelve people who are suspected of being connected to the explosions. This includes the chairman, vice-chairman, and three other managers for the Ruihai Logistics company. The Ruihai Logistics company is the company that stored the chemicals at the site and officials have stated they had not had the proper licenses to work with dangerous chemicals for more than a year. The investigations are still ongoing. How to prevent commercial fire

How to Use This Information in the Future

Even though this event occurred in China, there is still quite a bit Australian business owners can learn about commercial fire safety. It’s essential to ensure all buildings are fire safe. This includes the proper storage of any hazardous chemicals and applying for any necessary licenses to store hazardous chemicals. A business should also limit the amount of chemicals stored to ensure a disaster like this cannot occur. Business owners can also learn how to prevent additional types of disasters through safe business practices and following all regulations as completely as possible. This is just one example of how ignoring safety regulations can lead to a wide scale disaster with devastating effects. Business owners should ensure they ask for assistance if there is any question over the regulations they are required to follow or if they need assistance complying with any of the regulations.

Commercial Fire Safety For Australian Business

Commercial fire safety should be at the forefront for any business owner’s concerns about their building and the occupants. Each business owner needs to ensure their business complies with all fire safety regulations and should exceed the requirements when possible to provide the safest area for workers and customers. When regulations aren’t complied with, it can lead to a devastating scenario, as was seen August 12, 2015 in Tianjin, China. All business owners can learn from circumstances like this and better prepare their own businesses to avoid disasters and protect those who enter their buildings.

Commercial Fire Safety is Important

Commercial Fire Protection is an essential component of running a business. Any business has the potential for a disaster to occur, even if it’s not on the same level as the one in Tianjin, China. A small fire can lead to the loss of life for employees or customers and can destroy the building. It can also cause injuries to those who are in the building, some with life long effects. Learning about incidents like the one in Tianjin, China and others that have occurred in countries around the world can help a business owner understand just what can happen if proper regulations are not followed. It can also help them determine what additional precautions can be taken for their own business and what they can do to ensure every component of their business is safe and protected from danger.

Every business owner needs to be aware of what can happen when proper fire safety regulations are not followed. Business owners in Australia must comply with all Commercial Fire Safety regulations and should attempt to exceed them whenever possible. The way to do this is to be aware of and understand Fire Safety Australia standards and regulations as they apply to the particular business. This can help prevent disasters like the one in Tianjin, China and can help protect the employees and customers of the business if there is an emergency situation. To ensure commercial fire safety for your business, contact us today.