How safe is your BBQ area?


John & Carmen here, FCF Territory Managers of the Sunshine Coast.

Its Barbecue season again folks – actually it is always BBQ season in Australia!!

Do you have a Fire Blanket accessible at your BBQ area?

We recently bought  good friends of ours a Fire Blanket as they had moved into a new house. The house had a built in BBQ, they warmed it up to check it out and whammo –  it caught fire, fat had built up & not been cleaned out. Our lucky FCF Fire blanket to the rescue. Put the fire out, no mess, cleaned out the drip tray – all ready to start cooking.

Get a Fire Blanket for your BBQ area, contact FCF, we can organise a Fire Blanket for you.  It would also be good to have a fire extinguisher handy to BBQ as well, a CO2 if your budget can afford one.  The beauty of Fire Blankets and CO2 extinguishers – you put the fire out and keep on cooking.