House Electrical Wiring – Leave it to the Experts

When it comes to house electrical wiring it is tempting to save yourself money by performing ‘simple’ wiring tasks yourself. You have to ask yourself, though, is saving money worth creating a potential fire hazard, putting your life in danger or installing faulty wiring? Some tasks are better left to the experts.

Some common mistakes people make when taking electrical tasks into their own hands include using the wrong sized wires and cables; fixing switches and outlets incorrectly; incorrect fuse replacement and failing to connect wires properly.

Faulty House Electrical Wiring

If connections between wires are faulty this can be not only a source of great annoyance, but also a fire hazard. Many house fires are the result of faulty electrical wiring. With so many things to remember when installing or fixing wiring,  a small mistake can be easier than you think, and this mistake has the potential to lead to a house fire.

Incorrect fuse replacement is one of the leading causes of house fires. Breakers and fuses protect both wire ampacity and the electrical flow to appliances. This is an important safety mechanism, and therefore needs to be addressed properly if the fuse keeps blowing or the breaker keeps tripping. Many people fall into the trap of believing that if their fuse or breaker is having problems it needs to be replaced with a bigger fuse or breaker. This can cause the wire to overheat which can lead to a fire. If you are having continuous problems with your fuse or breaker there is probably a problem in your circuit wiring. Our Australia wide Electrical Services can ensure test to see if there are any electrical faults in your home.

As well as posing a fire danger, faulty wiring and electrical jobs can also put your family at risk of electrocution. Things may seem to be working, but there is the possibility that it is just be a matter of time before the simple task of plugging in an appliance can turn into a life threatening situation.

electrical wiringThe very real risks associated with Electrical DIY have led to the requirement of businesses selling certain types of electrical equipment to clearly display a ‘Don’t DIY’ warning sign on their products or display areas. This requirement, brought in by the Australian Government, aims to encourage people to bring in a professional electrician for jobs at home.

When it comes down to it, paying an electrician can save you time, improve the safety of your home and even save a life. Contact us today for your House Electrical Wiring.