Franchise Opportunities in Australia – FCF Fire and Electrical

Franchise Opportunities in Australia – FCF Fire and Electrical

If you are considering joining a franchise then consider the FCF Fire & Electrical franchise. Our award winning franchise system has a guaranteed and proven revenue model. There are plenty of FCF Fire and Electrical franchise opportunities Australia wide. You can have your own successful Fire and Electrical business in your corner of Australia.

Key Points About Our Franchise Offer

  • Many available territories across Australia
  • Proven growth in your business.
  • Repeat service based income providing you a steady income stream
  • Growing national client base that you benefit from

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Australian Service Sector Growth


History – The Birth of a Fire & Electrical Franchise

Hi, I’m Jacob Foster, I once worked for a large, multi-national firm and saw first-hand how the company’s hefty fees and charges often upset clients.

I felt business owners in Australia needed a complete, one-stop fire protection and electrical service that was both professional and affordable so in 2008 FCF Fire & Electrical emerged.

In December 2009, we established an office-warehouse so that the company could stock a complete range of fire protection and electrical equipment to better service retail, commercial and industrial clients across Australia.

Following the success of our local office in Hervey Bay, Queensland, we trialled different ways to service the demands of this rapidly growing & expanding market. Franchising held all the answers, helping locals achieve their dream of owning their own business and in turn helping fellow business owners throughout Australia.

Jacob Foster, Head of FCF Fire Protection Franchise

Why Our Franchise Systems Works

Our franchise system is successful largely because it is built on repeat service work. Whilst a typical electrical sole trader will have to keep finding new jobs and contracts, an FCF Fire and Electrical franchisee gets ongoing service work. This work includes fire safety maintenance services, electrical test and tagging and more. We provide the necessary training so you are up to date with all the fire compliance requirements. When you add this training to an existing electrical qualification, there is huge potential for success in our franchisee system.

A Great System for Electricians and Non Electricians

Our electricians love the system and the increase in profits that comes with regular service based work. Damian, a franchisee in South Queensland says he makes four times the amount of income he did compared to when he was an electrician. By adding regular service work to his operations he has seen great success. Stories like Damian is why FCF Fire and Electrical is a fantastic electrical business opportunity for qualified electricians.

If you have no electrical qualification background you can still join the team as a Fire Safety Franchise. We provide the necessary fire safety training you need to become a FCF Fire and Electrical technician. With strict Australian compliance standards, there is no shortage of ongoing, fire maintenance based work wherever you are in Australia.

Franchising in Australia. If you are looking for Franchise Opportunities in Australia, the International Franchise Association is a good indication of the viability and potential success of a franchise. The IFA recognises quality, emerging franchises with a proven revenue model built on great Customer Service and Satisfaction. These are the hallmarks of the FCF Fire and Electrical Franchise and is the reason why FCF was recently recognised by the IFA as a quality Australian Franchise and awarded participation in the Next Gen Franchising Summit.

Why Explore Franchise Opportunities in Australia?

The fastest way to a healthy business is through a franchise. A franchise circumvents the many years required to get a business off the ground. If done right and when working with a reputable franchise, it can be profitable in a year. The franchise will provide all necessary tools to launch an entrepreneur to incredible success.

Protecting Current Franchises

Franchising is not an open area that can be easily exploited. The International Franchise Association, or IFA, is put in place to protect new franchisees and to keep the outlet viable. The core mission statement for the IFA is to promote the integration of franchising and protect current franchise systems. This includes both the franchises being set-up and the original franchise provider.

Branching Out

Thankfully, the IFA has been recognized as the preeminent force in the business structure. Their reach has been widely recognized by government agencies, media entities, and the business professional world. In 2016, it seems that most franchises have knowledge of the regulating body of the IFA and what they help in assisting new franchises. The IFA is focused out of Australia. Australian Franchise Opportunities are often extremely familiar with the integrity and trust instilled and promoted by the IFA

There are essentially four centric goals for the IFA, and all of the Association’s core goals can be broken down for Franchise Opportunities in Australia. They are:

  • To influence legislation regulations and policies that determines franchising law
  • To promote a healthy environment around franchising by increasing membership and fostering communication
  • To communicate the values and virtues of franchising to those not directly involved
  • To provide programs that builds the business community

There are some major Franchise Opportunities in Australia that cater to the overall ebb and flow of the IFA. Most trust that the Association has a built-in protection, and that makes the choice a safer one. FCF Fire and Electrical is a technical-based franchise opportunity in Australia. The company is 100% Australian owned and operated. They offer on-site training and consultation, alongside fire audits and maintenance as needed.

A Franchise oppotrunity can illuminate new paths to success that were not considered before. The International Franchise Association has declared FCF Fire and Electrical as one of the best franchises in Australia for 2015. The authority the Association provides is unrivaled, and sheds a lot of light on the quality and longevity of FCF as an electrical and fire safety franchise. Individuals looking for a healthy new franchise opportunity can contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.