Fire Extinguishers Sunshine Coast Businesses Can Stand By

No business operator can afford the hefty price that comes of undervaluing the importance of fire safety or regulations. Hospitals, warehouses, offices, schools, and apartments are just a few examples from every sphere of business that require up to date inspections and regular maintenance of fire systems. Fire safety protocols start with having the correct fire extinguishers in place. From there, businesses have to ensure the practice of regular equipment maintenance. Get the right Fire Extinguishers Sunshine Coast, and know the correct procedures that service personnel must abide by. Knowing about fire extinguisher placement, maintenance, and service is the first step to setting up a long-term plan to protect a business.

Fire Extinguishers – Placement Within Building


The primary objective of having fire safety equipment in a business is to protect the owner as well as employees in case of an emergency. To do this it is necessary to follow some general safety protocols for placement and use of fire extinguishers in a place of business. Each employee should be aware of the location of fire extinguishers, and extinguishers should be displayed in clear locations with appropriate signage. Accessibility is key in making sure that everyone is able to get to a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. When preparing an area for a potential fire hazard, the proper type of fire extinguisher must be placed nearby. Knowing the source of a potential fire hazard will make it easy for service companies to provide the right kind of extinguisher system. All employees can benefit from training in proper fire extinguisher safety and use.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing


Careful placement of extinguishers is just one part of the process. Get proper Fire Extinguisher Servicing Sunshine Coast businesses and know how regularly each extinguisher needs maintenance. Extending the life and functionality of a fire extinguisher is as simple as having it routinely serviced every six months. If an extinguisher is even partially discharged it will need to be serviced and refilled. Extinguishers without gauges will need to be weighed to determine if they need to be serviced or refilled. After a five year period, every extinguisher must be emptied and refilled to service standards regardless of whether or not it has been discharged. These tests and intervals should be recorded on a label or metal tag attached to the extinguisher. Other tests may be performed to service different fire extinguishers at different intervals of time.

Fire Extinguisher Technicians


Service technicians will be responsible for carrying out these tests on all fire safety equipment. There are many service standards in place to protect business owners. To protect a business it is important to know that service technicians have no authority to enforce or threaten companies with fines or prosecution over their fire safety systems. Having all service technicians sign proper documentation of their visit and to explain service charges is essential to improving service standards. A reliable technician will be happy to follow these protocols.

FCF Fire & Electrical – You’re Trusted Fire Service Technicians

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance isn’t something that any business owner should put off. Proper placement of fire safety equipment can save lives. Understanding maintenance standards can help owners plan and prepare for the future of their business. Practicing the right sort of conduct with service companies is a sound way to ensure an investment in fire safety.

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