Fire Equipment Maintenance – What Sunshine Coast Business Owners Need To Know

In Australia, all business owners are required by law to maintain fire safety compliance for their building. To remain compliant, they must follow the guidelines presented in Australian Standard 1851. The fire safety standard was revised to assist these business owners in remaining compliant. It includes guidelines for Fire Equipment Maintenance.

What is the AS 1851?

The Australian Standard 1851 outlines the requirements for maintaining fire protection systems as well as equipment. It defines the protocol that business owners and their staff must follow. The tasks defined in the standard must be performed according to the safety standard and manufacturer’s instructions.

What Does the Safety Standard Cover?

The safety standard covers the exact instructions for servicing and maintaining the systems and equipment. It was revised to include any additional fire protection equipment made available by manufacturers. Each process has been simplified to provide a better understanding of Fire Equipment Maintenance.

What Does AS 1851 Say About Fire Equipment Maintenance?

This standard breaks down the maintenance process into four easy steps. They include inspections, testing, preventative measures, and a complete survey. The first step is used to determine if the equipment passes or fails the inspection.

Next, the second stage defines how the maintenance staff should record testing. The third stages define how to report and repair the equipment. Finally, the last stage defines an annual condition report for the equipment.

How is AS 1851 Applied in Queensland?

All businesses must pass an inspection conducted by the Occupational Health and Safety Board. The agency evaluates all fire safety equipment and installations to identify full Fire Safety Compliance. Any failure to comply with the standards results in a violation and administrative penalty. The business owner must ensure compliance with their building before the inspection is performed.

FCF Fire and Electrical can help ensure your compliant with all fire safety standards. They ensure that the business is compliance with the most recent standards including AS 1851. They evaluate the entire property and all fire safety equipment as defined by the standard and prevent probable penalties and violations. Business owners who need Fire Service should contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.