Cloud Base Data Joins Fire Protection

We all know that the world and life seems to being spinning a lot faster and demands are great with audits, requirements and standards. To manage these demands, new ideas and efficiencies need to be arranged. With introducing customer cloud base maintenance data into fire protection servicing, this is one idea that has some real advantages.

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Welcome Simpro – Cloud Based Fire Audit Software

Early in the growth of FCF Fire and Electrical, Jacob identified cloud base technology could aid and show the customer an enormous benefit in time management but also great cost savings through time efficiencies.
So working with the team at Simpro he developed a suitable cloud base program that would allow all the customers asset to be logged, managed and viewed in one system. This leaves the customer having no messy paper work or further updating to complete in managing their fire protection assets.
This allowed multiple benefits in displaying cloud base technology into fire protection maintenance planning.
The main benefits is the client has the opportunity to view on line their assets and all the history attached to that particular assetYou can also check this location For example;

  • The expiry date of the asset
  • When it was last serviced
  • What type of service etc

All available to view through the professional online system, that with a simple push of a button can be forwarded or printed out for audits, insurance verification and or accreditation requirements.

For us here at FCF Fire and Electrical – we believe this is an important function for our clients. We are continually highlight the benefits to all our customers, so to ensure that they are maximising this function we supply at no additional cost but adds significant value to their business. Check this franchise near you.

For any further information on the Simpro cloud base system that FCF National use in conjunction with our fire protection service please do not hesitate to talk to your local FCF Fire Safety provider.