Fire and Safety Training – Essential For Australian Businesses

Fire and Safety Training is vital for all companies. These courses show the employees what to do if a fire occurs. It also presents them with more comprehensive plans for evacuating their building and identifies all possible escape routes. Providers who offer these courses help companies meet these vital requirements. Whilst Fire Safety Training will vary from business to business, here are some general concepts that may be covered during your Fire Safety Training Session:

Identifying Escape Routes for Employees

Training providers assess the building in its entirety. They use the most current blueprints and walk throughout the building to review these areas. This enables them to present the company and its employees with exact escape routes they should follow if a fire occurs.

During training, the instructor takes the employees on a tour of the building to show them these routes. They also create printed escape routes for each section and floor of the building. These routes are posted in the area in which they pertain. The instructor leads the employees in each section through fire drills to prepare them for these emergencies.

Possible Efforts for Firefighting in the Workplace

During fire and safety training, the employees learn firefighting strategies. The strategies reflect the steps for extinguishing a variety of fire types. The fire type could determine what sequence of events follow the onset of the fire. Among the most common fire types involve electrical wiring, combustible, flammable liquids or gases, arc flashes, metals, or cooking oils.

The design of the commercial building determines what devices are available for extinguishing the fire. The most common are fire extinguishers and water hoses. According to fire and safety regulations each section of the building must have a fire extinguisher present. They present the employees with the best option for putting out containable fires.

Evacuation Plans for the Workplace

Large commercial buildings possess many floors. During a fire, it isn’t advised for any employee to use the elevators. These services could stop due to electrical difficulties and leave employees trapped inside. This could lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Occupational safety regulations identify the stairways as the most advantageous evacuation strategy for burning buildings.

Evacuation plans show employees escape options for their designated floor. During Fire and Safety Training, the instructor shows employees how they should navigate through the building under varying circumstances. They learn how to evacuate the building based on the location of the fire and its type.

What to Do When a Fire is Discovered

Fire and Safety Training includes techniques for putting out specific fire types. Since an extinguisher is present in each area of the building, the employee who discovers the fire should try to use it to suffocate the fire. However, these employees aren’t firefighting certified in most cases and shouldn’t proceed with these efforts if the fire isn’t containable.

The first step is to inform a manager or nearby employee about the fire. These efforts allow the employees and management to act quickly. If the fire isn’t containable, all employees should follow the evacuation plan and follow their designated escape routes. The training instructor presents these employees with a plan that identifies the exact protocol for fire discovery.

Plans for an Inability to Escape the Building

Employees receive instructions for circumstances in which they cannot escape the building. The most common policies require the employee to call to others to help identify their location. If they have network access via their smart phones they should contact their manager. The manager learns how to assist these employees flee the building based on their location and surroundings.

Fire and Safety Training covers some very important and possibly life saving information. These courses help them inform their employees about fire and safety regulations. They also create plans for avoiding serious injuries and fatalities. Companies that need Fire Safety Training in Australia should contact FCF Fire and Electrical. We are experts in Fire and Safety Training and can ensure your business is Fire Safe.