FCF Emergency Exit Lights

Emergency exit lights can usually be seen within many businesses, and are used in order to lead occupants of a business facility to an exit during the event of an emergency. Emergency Exit Lights say “EXIT” on a rectangular sign above a doorway to the outside, and are a requirement for most businesses for fire compliance. Emergency exit lights are an important component of the fire safety plan for any building.

A businesses fire safety plan, including the exit lights, should conform with AS2293 that apply to the building and should be serviced and maintained according to those regulations as well. AS 1851 sets the standards for all inspectors, contractors, regulators and business owners in testing, surveying and performing maintenance on fire protection systems such as fire detection testing and exit light testing. It will help ensure the safety of employees and customers if the building does catch on fire and can help save lives.

How can Emergency Exit Lights Save Lives?

Emergency exit
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Whenever there is a fire in the building, the lights could go out. And even if it’s daytime and there are enough windows in the building, it could still be impossible for an individual to see where they are going because of accumulation of smoke in the building.  Emergency Exit Lights within the building can assist individuals find their way to the nearest exit and prevent death or serious injuries from the fire itself or due to smoke inhalation.

FCF Fire & Electrical exclusively Offers a 5-year warranty for its emergency exit Lights this allows clients to forecast budget requirements on their Fire Compliance for five years. Our rigorously tested products are warranted for their reliability and available at competitive prices which are a good bargain, considering the crucial job they do to protect your customers and employees.

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