NextGen Franchising Summit was a Valuable Experience for FCF Fire & Electrical

This month FCF Fire and Electrical General Manager Jacob Foster and his wife Kerri Returned from the Next Gen Franchising Summit in Houston, Texas. Jacob was awarded an invitation to attend the Summit for the continuing success of his FCF Fire and Electrical Franchise. The company has grown to become a nationally recognised fire protection franchise company known for excellent service and competitive pricing.

The summit provided Jacob with an opportunity to network with other successful franchise owners from around the world to learn and grow together. David McKinnon, chairman of Nextgen Franchising, summarises the purpose of the Summit:

“We are looking to attract the best entrepreneurs from around the world, picking selected winners, brining them here to the convention, and then putting them in an accelerator program so that they become very successful ambassadors for the franchise industry.”

Jacob’s invaluable experience will benefit the FCF Fire and Electrical Franchise immensely and will further strengthen it as one of the emerging Franchise Opportunities in Australia at present. With limited geographical spaces available, prospective Franchisees are encouraged to contact FCF today to enquire about starting an FCF franchise in their area.

Part of the program included Franchise owners connecting with successful mentors with vast experience in franchising.

“It’s really amazing that you get validation from the top people in the world. That’s real validation from people who know what they are talking about.”

Said one of the awardees.

The award has catapulted FCF Fire and Electrical into the media spotlight being featured on several prominent sites including the Newsmaker Website in this article. The article shares Jacob’s thoughts on the value of being a Next Gen Award recipient and what that means for the company:

“This is an exciting time for the whole FCF team. On a professional level, franchise industry recognition means that all our hard work in the last five years has been validated and demonstrates that we are heading in the right direction”

The Franchise Council of Australia has also recognised FCF Fire and Electrical in their Monthly Newsletter. The short article highlights the fact that The FCF Fire & Electrical was one of 20 global winners for the NextGen Franchising Competition for 2015. The achievement draws praise from Franchise Council of Australia Chairman Michael Paul:

“The competition is a fantastic initiative which has been brought about as a result of the partnership between the franchising peak bodies, the FCA in Australia and the USA’s IFA and succeeds in engaging young entrepreneurs to bring new ideas and thinking into this great industry,”

The high authority Australian Franchise Business Website also acknowledges the achievement of FCF Fire and Electrical. Highlighting the fact that Jacob Foster will accompany the Australian Franchise Council of Australia delegation who went to the NextGen Franchising Summit.

This type of exposure will further underpin FCF Fire and Electrical as an very strong Franchise Opportunity for Australians. It also reinforces the emergence of FCF Fire and Electrical as a viable Australian owned option for commercial fire compliance for Australian businesses. If you want to know more about joining the FCF Fire and Electrical team as a Franchisee, contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.

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