Electrical Test And Tag Service

One of the services FCF Fire & Electrical offer is Electrical Test & Tagging.

I spent a few hours this morning doing a three (3) monthly Test & Tag for a client who takes engineering power tools including extension leads onto mine sites & construction sites. These tools and leads need to test out at 100%, both for the safety of the users and also to satisfy the onsite WHS staff who conduct random audits on contract tradies’ power tools.

Electrical Test And Tag

The visual check of the cords, plugs and connections is just as important as plugging the power tool into the tester to check earth & insulation. Check this link for more information https://www.fcfnational.com.au/fire-safety/appropriate-use-fire-extinguishers.

The visual check means a close inspection of the cord, plug and connections and will identify any nicks in the cord, damaged pins and loose connections where the cord enters the tool. Any tools/extension leads that fail are tagged out to be sent off for repair.

If your business takes power tools  onto controlled work sites contact FCF Fire & Electrical to ensure your tools are good to go. This blog shows the types of fire extinguisher

John Hackshaw

Territory Mgr

FCF Sunshine Coast.