What Happens When You Put Water on an Electrical Fire

Have you ever wondered what can happen when you put out an electrical fire with water? Check out this video below to see what can happen when water, fire and electricity all mix.

When trying to douse flames caused by an Electrical Fire, it is important that the power source is turned off and that there is no longer electricity running through the system. This will prevent electricity being conducted by the water which leads to a number of other complications as seen in the video.

What You Should Know About a Electrical Fire

One of the biggest dangers to any type of building is fire. Fires that occur in contained spaces can be especially damaging in a very short period of time. A fire can completely destroy a structure or it could damage a structure to the point to where repairs could be extremely lengthy and expensive. The other issue is that there are a number of different reasons why a fire might start within a given structure. However, one of the most common types of fires that occur within a confined space like a home or business facility is an Electrical Fire.

What Causes an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires typically come from overloaded electrical wiring or electrical circuits. While some electrical fires start from various devices that simply weren’t constructed to handle the amount of power that courses through the electrical wires of that item, the most damaging are the fires that start from places a person can’t see. Typically, electrical wiring within the walls of the home or business is usually where these fires start, and it is one of the reasons why they are so destructive and dangerous.

How Does a Fire Start

Electrical fires that start inside of the wall are typically the result of what is known as waste heat that is generated by an electrical current. This heat can cause older and less efficient electrical wiring to expand and loosen and separate over time. What this creates is an exposed electrical arc, which can generate a small area of heat up to 1800°F. This arc can come in contact with things such as insulation and drywall material. With the excessive amount of heat these arcs contain, it’s not hard for fire to start. In some cases, the only thing a person will notice is smoke coming from a wall, and this is typically when the fire begins to get out of control.

Controlling the Electrical Fire

What most people do when they see a fire is get some water. The problem is that this is extremely dangerous for this type of event. While water may actually be able to douse the flames, if the fire is coming from an electrical source, especially an electrical source that is drawing significant amounts of power, this can be dangerous if not fatal.

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity and with electrical fires, this is a recipe for disaster. It’s not uncommon for the electrical current to run through the water and back to the person dousing the flames with water. If the electrical current is strong enough, the amount of electricity the person is shocked with can easily prove to be fatal.

For that reason, an electrical fire extinguisher may be the best option. These extinguishers use carbon dioxide to extinguish the fire and are designed to extinguish electrical fires. Because they are a powder, they also cause a lot less damage to electrical equipment as opposed to water.

Avoiding an electrical fire should be your first priority. There are a number of things involved in electrical fire safety that can help avoid these situations. If the building is old, it may have old wiring that could stand to be replaced. This is an expensive option, but losing the entire structure to an electrical fire is possible if this problem is ignored. Try to be careful and avoid overloading a wall outlet with excessive amounts of extension cords as what may be common with Christmas decorations. In addition, make sure that an electrical fire extinguisher is present and handy in the event one of these electrical fires were to break out.

If you need to know more about electrical fire safety for your business, contact us today. We can help your business have an action plan and fire safety equipment in place in the case of an Electrical Fire.