Basic Home Fire Safety

When it comes to fires, the wrong split second decision can get you in a life threatening situation. Below are some of the most common mistakes people make in the event of a fire and tips on how to avoid them. Remembering and applying these tips could help you escape from a potentially life threatening situation. These basic home fire safety tips are not exhaustive – but give you a good foundation for fire safety for your family. Remember for professional advice contact your FCF team today.

Basic Home Fire Safety Tip 1: Don’t try Salvaging Precious items

A common trap people fall into when a fire starts in their home is to try to grab items they are emotionally connected to. It is of course difficult leaving things we hold dear behind, especially if they are irreplaceable (such as an heirloom). However you must remember that your life is more important than these items. The time it takes you to gather these items could be the difference between getting out and getting trapped.

Basic Home Fire Safety tip 2: Don’t Underestimate the Danger of Smoke

People are often so focused on escaping the flames of a fire that they don’t think of smoke as being a threat to their life. Most victims of fires have died as a result of smoke and toxic gas inhalation. If you cannot avoid smoke when exiting a building, stay low, cover your mouth and nose and crawl to the nearest exit.

Basic Home Fire Safety tip 3: Don’t Panic

Panicking can lead to bad mistakes. If you are sleeping and an alarm goes off this can cause confusion and panic. If this happens to you, remain as calm as possible and check doors before moving out of the room you are in. Feel the door with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, look for an alternate route–you may have to make your way to a window.

Basic Home Fire Safety tip 4: Ensure Smoke Alarms are Maintained

You should at least have one smoke alarms outside of each sleeping area in your home. You should also ensure that all smoke detectors are tested monthly and the batteries changed twice a year.

Basic Home Fire Safety tip 5: Prioritise Life

It is easy to panic and do things in the wrong order. Remember the priority during a fire is to get out of the building as quickly as possible. Once you are safely away from the house, then you should call the fire brigade–do not try to make any calls before you leave the house.

Basic Home Fire Safety tip 6: Have an Evacuation Plan

Have an evacuation plan and review this plan a couple of times a year. The more you know the plan the better. Make sure the whole family knows the plan and if you are an employer, make sure your employees are well versed in the evacuation plan.