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A business owner has a lot more to do than just sell the goods or services of his choice. There are a large number of other responsibilities that must be taken care of as well to own and run a successful business.

For example, business owners in Sydney need to take care to ensure the safety of both their employees and their customers. This includes taking safety measures in a number of different areas, including those for keeping people safe should a fire occur.

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Some of the Fire Safety Requirements for Business Owners

Business owners need to meet certain standards in regards to fire safety equipment.

Fire Safety Compliance includes purchasing the necessary fire safety equipment and purchasing and putting up the proper signage to indicate where to find this equipment in the building and where any emergency exits are located.

The equipment also needs to be kept in good working order, or it won’t be any use should the time come when it’s needed. The owner needs to come up with a fire safety plan as well as a plan for what to do in case a fire occurs, how people should exit the building in case of a fire and where they should meet.

FCF Fire & Electrical can help you with all of these services and more so you can focus on what you do best.


Fire Safety Training

We can train your employees so they are informed of the plan as well as the locations of fire safety equipment and how to use this equipment. Australian Standards recommend that this information is regularly revisited with employees, preferably at least every 6 months so that everyone knows what to do.

Our training will include simple steps can be taken to limit the risk of fire, such as making sure that any flammable materials are cleaned up, exits and aisles aren’t blocked, and packing materials and trash are properly stored in metal containers with lids that fit tightly. We advise of the best practices for fire safety and to ensure you are 100% compliant.

Types of Fire Safety Equipment

Smoke Detectors
Emergency Exit Signs
Fire Extinguishers

There are a few different types of fire safety equipment. The first type of fire safety equipment is that meant to notify people that there is a fire. This category includes heat and smoke detectors, which help notify people of fires that aren’t yet visible to them because they are located in a different part of the building. This allows them to have more time to safely exit the building before they’re trapped by the fire.

Some fire safety equipment is meant to help people safely leave the building in case of a fire, such as emergency exit signs. Other types of equipment, including fire blankets, fire hoses, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers, are useful for putting the fire out.

A proper fire safety plan will include equipment from each category. Contact FCF Fire and Electrical Today for the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment for your Sydney business.

Fire Equipment Maintenance and Electrical Testing

To ensure Sydney Fire Safety, business owners need to take care of Fire Equipment Maintenance in a timely manner. One way to make Sydney Fire Equipment Maintenance easier is to hire a Fire Equipment Service to come and perform this maintenance on a set schedule, such as that set out by the AS 1851 standards. These standards explain in detail the proper Sydney Fire Equipment Maintenance steps, schedule and documentation. They also note what to do should some type of equipment not perform up to standards when it is tested.

The schedule for testing different types of equipment varies. Some equipment only needs to be tested yearly, while other types need to be tested every 6 months or even more often.

The exact standards required to be met by law depend on where the building is located, the size of the building, when it was built and the type of business.

Fire Safety Certificate for Your Sydney Business

Most business owners understand how important fire safety is for their business. They want to make sure their employees, customers, and buildings are safe from a fire breaking out and can get to safety if one does occur. However, there can be some confusion when a business owner needs to ensure their business has an updated Fire Safety Certificate showing they are in compliance with all local Sydney or NSW regulations. Below are some of the common questions asked by business owners about earning a certificate.

What is the Business Owner Responsible For?

The business owner is responsible for making sure a qualified person inspects and maintains their fire safety equipment. They are all responsible for completing an Annual Fire Safety Statement on time and sending it in to get their certificate. They then need to ensure the certificate is placed prominently in the building where it can be seen by anyone.

How Often Does the Business Owner Need to Obtain a Certificate?

The initial certificate is earned before the building can be occupied and declares all required fire safety equipment is installed and working properly. From there, the business owner needs to obtain an Annual Fire Safety Certificate. They will need to do this every year on or before the date of the original certificate.

What Needs to Be Done to Obtain a Certificate?

To earn a Fire Safety Certificate NSW, the business owner needs to complete and send in an Annual Fire Safety Statement. This statement declares the building’s fire safety equipment has been inspected by a qualified person and is in good working order. If anything needs to have maintenance done, it needs to be done before this point so it will pass the inspection. The qualified person can be of the business owner’s preference, but does need to meet the minimum qualifications under the Building Fire Safety Act.

What Equipment Should Be Inspected for the Fire Safety Statement?

There is a variety of equipment that needs to be checked for the fire safety statement, depending on the size of the building as well as the type of building. The fire safety equipment typically covers preventative measures, equipment used to stop a fire from growing, lights and signage to help customers and employees get out of the building safely, and other equipment as needed.

Are There Penalties for Failing to Follow the Regulations?

There are penalties that can be applied if the business owner fails to meet the regulations guidelines. These penalties may be applied if the annual statement is not turned in on time. In addition, if the certificate is not prominently displayed withing the building, there can be further penalties starting at $100 and increasing regularly until the certificate is displayed. If the business owner does not comply with fire safety guidelines, they can be fined $1500.

Where Can a Business Owner Get More Help?

A business owner who has further questions or wishes to ensure they are fully compliant will want to contact a professional. The professional can check to ensure they are following all applicable regulations and that their equipment is in good working order. They can do the annual inspection and any necessary maintenance to ensure the business is fully compliant and prepared in case of a fire.

Being prepared for a fire and ensuring everyone inside the business can get out safely is not only the main concern of the Fire Safety Act, it’s also a way for the business owner to protect everyone who enters the building. Although the above questions and answers should help most business owners understand what is expected of them, it’s always beneficial to contact a technician at FCF Fire and Electrical for further assistance.

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