The Importance of Emergency Light testing

Exit & Emergency lighting plays an important aspect in protecting lives in the event of a fire or emergency.

They help to guide us to the paths of exit in an emergency and they need to be visible in times of power outages and smoke filled environments.

Emergency lights are inexpensive to run but in economic and financial difficulties many business owners see Emergency lights as a light that costs them money so many turn them off. Each light is different but they cost approx. 5cents per hour to run.

The problem with turning theses lights off at the mains is that the battery backup will also drain, leaving these lights ineffective in the event of an emergency.

Worst case scenario is that the business owner/and or tenant will be liable for any deaths or injuries that may occur.

Emergency light inspection/testing and maintenance is one of these jobs that many businesses don’t realise they are legally obliged to have done every 6 months under Australian Standards ( AS 2293.2)

So why do we test Emergency Lights? To ensure you and your staff are able to exit the building by following the illuminating Emergency & Exit lighting quickly & safely in case of an emergency.

If you have Emergency & Exit lighting in your office or building and would like one of our qualified technicians to inspect these, please call our office on 03 9887 4999.

Written by Erica Podporin