Fire Protection Services – Ensuring your Business Complies to the Australian Standard

Affordable Fire Protection Services for Small and Large Businesses Australia Wide. We supply, install, inspect and maintain Fire Safety Equipment for Australian Business.

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Affordable Fire Protection Services

Protecting your most important Assets from fire Australia Wide.

When it comes to protecting your family, staff, customers and property from fire, FCF Fire and Electrical has the right advice, products and services.

We service domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia, offering a complete fire protection service, including:

  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

As members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia, you know you are getting the best possible service that is up to date with the current standards and regulations. For further information from the Fire Protection Association check out their Fire Protection Services Standards and guidelines.

FCF Fire and Electrical will carry out a fire safety assessment of your home, office or industrial premises. We will tell you what equipment is:

Required by Law

There are Laws and Australian standards that must be adhered to when it comes to Fire Safety for Australian Businesses

Suited to Your Needs

We can asses the risks associated with your business and determine what Fire Protection Equipment is required.

Correctly Located

Safety regulations stipulate where Fire Protection Equipment needs to be located in a building.

Each state has different legislation and requirements FCF understand and monitor changing standards to ensure your compliance.

Our Fire Protection Services for Equipment Include

Fixing or replacing fire equipment: Sometimes just fixing a re-occurring smoke detector isn’t the right answer. Looking at the environment, the intention to protect the area, brand of detector all come into play when a re-occurring unwanted alarm takes place. Having a qualified certifier take the time to investigate can save a lot of money, unwanted customer annoyance and staff complacency. FCF take the time to ensure that your business is covered for the risk involved.

Exit Light Installation

Which extinguisher to use: Knowing the difference between extinguishers seems straight forward but not always. The size is a big factor and once you have used a 1.0kg ABE extinguishers in a real situation sizing is everything. Each business has different fire requirements due to different risks. Having an FCF fire expert attend your premise and assess your risk is a big helping hand.

Fire and Smoke Doors: Routine inspections are required under AS1851.12 2012. Building class can determine the frequency of inspections. Some of the common complaints are screen doors in front of a fire door. Queensland Fire is looking at this topic and is working on releasing a statement. At present these screen or security doors are not compliant.

A way to avoid damage and also comply is not to hold fire doors open as they twist with time and when closing don’t make minimum gap requirements (3mm).

Fire Pumps and Sprinkler Systems: Being a specialized field not every fire company has sprinkler fitters or plumbers on-board. Ensure FCF as a full maintenance company and a service provider has various sprinkler fitters.

Fire Hydrant Inspections: AS 1851.4 is the reference to how to comply. General up keep and gardening can ensure that the metal booster cabinets don’t rust out. Leaking hydrants are usually a sign that the 5 year head overhaul hasn’t been completed. Each 5 years a hydrant system under goes various tests. One such test is a hydrostatic test. This is where the system pressure is raised from 600kpa (average towns mains) to 1700kpa. The test proves that under a real firefighting situation the hydrant system will hold the pressure of a fire truck. Specialized equipment is required for such tests and FCF has our very own fire truck.

Fire Hose Reel Inspections: Inspecting a hose reel every six months can seem a lot to some people and not enough to others. An example of not enough is a client in far north Queensland who had no water at the hose reel. When the report was issued our client responded that ASAP was the time available. FCF jumped to attention as we are aware of the risk involved. The very next day the system was back in operation and complying. As with any emergency there is very little warning and the following day was an emergency. A fire occurred in the building next door and they had no firefighting equipment. Our client grabbed his working hose reel and followed the instructions. Minimal damage was done and FCF was back installing a few new extinguishers for both involved. Ensuring the hose reel was checked to AS1851.9 saved a business from closure.


Fire Extinguishers Maintenance: The most common firefighting equipment found in many buildings. AS1851.10 explains how to do the six monthly inspections. Like all technicians you have to have and have been proven competent. At FCF we here all different stories of how extinguishers saved assets. The most common question in relation to the five yearly inspection is ‘’can I refill an ABE?’’. With today’s cost of ABE extinguisher the answer is a new one is more cost effective. Not all are throw away units, co2, water and foam are examples of a cost saving is to be found in refilling. All FCF technicians are able to refill in our work shops or at your location, even update the live cloud system that has portal for you to access.

Fire Blankets: Found in many homes and business kitchens the common fire blanket can be found easily. However do you know how to use a fire blanket? Our First Response Fire Training explains fire blankets and fire extinguishers in the same course. Each business is required to retrain all staff every two years. Check with your local FCF Office to see if your state requires the same as others in Australia.

Smoke Detectors for Commercial Industrial and Domestic Situations

The wording can sometime trick people. Smoke alarms, smoke detectors aren’t the same in the fire industry.

Smoke Alarms are 240volt or 9volt alarms and have a sounder to alert the occupants. Now some smoke alarms even come with an emergency light. FCF look after 1000’s of rental properties and working with the real-estate, tenant and owner to ensure compliance and everyone is happy is very rewarding.


Smoke detectors are commercial photo optical or ionization detectors most dint make any sound. They work when a fire is detected and report back to a fire indicator panel FIP. The FIP then operates a sound system to alert occupants.

Most building occupiers aren’t aware that the FIP has a monthly, 6 monthly, annual, 5 yearly and a 10 yearly test. This equipment costs a lot of money and not used every day. FCF specialize in the 10 year sensitivity testing and have found the fastest way to comply and keep costs to a minimum.

FCF are one of the very few companies who have a detailed detector cleaning program. Some of our clients go from being on the Fire Brigades unwanted alarm list to having no alarms. Having a one off clean or being on a yearly cleaning program will lower false alarms when done properly. Our fire technicians also look out for other causes. Did you know a fluro’s that isn’t functioning properly can cause a detector to activate? If you’re having false alarm issue FCF look at all the possible faults.

Fire Protection Procedures:

Evacuation Diagrams: Keeping up with the current evacuation diagrams can nearly be a fulltime job at some businesses. With changing logos, building layouts and moving assembly points due to new risks. The importance is always high to have current diagrams. With customers and visitors on your site is always a risk but in an emergency ensuring their escape to the assembly point without hurting themselves on the way out is a risk in its self. Our fire safety advisors located in your local area can assist with keeping diagrams up to date and compliant.

Safety Eyewash Stations: Sometimes when your testing eyewash stations at mine sites, industrial sites, hospitals and the test fails you can be surprised. One particular site had used the incorrect piping to the eyewash station. The system had plenty of flow but unfortunately was full of rust. The damage that could have been done would have all mangers looking for cover. Ensuring filters, flow rates and operation mean that when a person is in distress and needing to remove a foreign object they can do so knowing they are fixing the situation not making it worse. Some manufactures recommend monthly inspections but six monthly checks are more common.

Thermal Imaging for Fault Finding: Using thermal imaging, we scan your electrical switchboards to detect any hot spots or faults before potentially devastating problems occur. In addition, our clients get a free annual safety audit and report. It is all part of FCF Fire and Electricals’ comprehensive domestic, commercial and industrial fire protection and safety service.

Fire Indicator Panels: Fire alarm panels, Fip’s, Alarm system, occupant warning system are some of the names that we hear. They all relate to the Fire Indicator Panel with the job of evacuating people, shutting down air conditioners, closing fire doors, starting exhaust fans and more. Fip tests at one stage were weekly and some sites weekly should have stayed for high risk. Monthly is the new norm and for the majority a change for the better. FCF technicians are on call 24 hours per day for clients. Not all situations are fixable and having access to technical help 24 hours’ means that a solution can be engaged.


Multiple Aspired Smoke Detector Systems: This type of system is a very early stage fire detection system. FCF have installed these systems in mine site switch rooms, data rooms and electrical installations. The common type FCF install and maintain are Vesda systems. These systems are complex and require a knowledge on how to use and continue optimum performance.



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